The 2023 Salary Guide
and Employment Outlook

Alliance Resource Group's 2023 Financial Salary Guide and Employment Outlook

2022 has been a year was filled with uncertainty — many businesses reporting their best numbers since before COVID and unemployment at a historic low. But the positives have been thwarted by rising inflation, continued global supply chain issues and the possibility of a recession. 

After the Great Resignation of 2021 and early 2022, many employees and employers are now facing the Great Regret. Ambitious job seekers taking new positions based on generous salaries and perks, only to find the role or company was a poor fit. Likewise, companies made quick hiring decisions because of the absolute chaos in the talent landscape, but some those hires turned out to be mistakes for various reasons. 

With 2023 on the horizon, one thing is certain: We will face more unknowns on many fronts. 

Regardless, Alliance Resource Group will continue to support Southern California’s accounting and finance industry in navigating these uncertainties with forecasting tools, projections, tips, and resources. This starts with our 20th annual Salary Guide. 


The 2023 Financial Salary Guide & Employment Outlook includes:

  • A review of the 2022 accounting and finance recruiting market, including the ongoing impact of the pandemic, supply chain issues and the global talent shortage. 
  • A projection of expected changes for 2023 and a forecast of next year’s accounting and finance job market.
  • A comparison of key regional and national economic data.
  • A thorough overview of compensation ranges and average bonuses paid at all levels of finance and accounting, public accounting, accounting operations, treasury, tax and internal audit positions.
2023 Salary Guide

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