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Sourcing Expert Accountant Leads to a Quick Win Over Recruiter Competition

From finding and placing a CFO with leading industry experience to building world-class Accounting teams, Alliance Resource Group (ARG) works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and solve talent challenges. Every member of our elite team has real-world Finance and Accounting experience which we put to work for you.

This is part of an ongoing series of case studies demonstrating our team’s laser-focused approach to tackling client needs.

The Challenge

A healthcare nonprofit was struggling to find Accounting support for its new Controller. The organization had contracted with a well-known executive search firm for six months, but the candidates they sourced did not meet the basic qualifications for the role. The Controller, who had previously worked with Alliance Resource group as a candidate, approached our team for help finding top talent with the right expertise to support the Accounting function.

The Solution

ARG held an in-depth intake call with the Controller and quickly identified the main deficiencies in their previous search. Upon ensuring the team had a firm understanding of the nonprofit’s requirements, ARG quickly identified four high-quality candidates within a week. Each had the requisite experience, education, and expertise for the role. After interviewing, the lead candidate was offered and accepted a permanent role, ending the exhaustive search.

The Outcome

The Controller has been overwhelmingly happy with the new hire and is planning a promotion within the second year of onboarding the Accountant. The ARG candidate found a mentor and a long-term placement along his career path. Through our methodical intake and candidate screening processes, ARG continues to put the right people in the right roles.