The Case for Upskilling in Today’s Economic Climate


Finance professional skills development

We’re hearing from clients across industries: Team members are tired and uninspired. Without a doubt, 2020 has been a drain on everyone, and news of yet another pause or “step back” on reopening isn’t helping. A potential anecdote: Upskilling or reskilling. Energize your team with new tools and training that will improve their skillset and… Read more »

Pro-Tip: Leverage Temps for Year-End Support


As we edge towards the end of this unprecedented year, finance and accounting teams will be tasked with unique-to-2020 activities on top of all the normal end-of-year projects. Do you have the right talent in place to flawlessly execute on everything that needs to occur between now and the start of 2021? If not, temporary… Read more »

Seven Reasons to Use Temps During COVID-19 and Beyond


The media and economists all have their predictions, but no one really knows how long this economic downturn will last or what prolonged effects companies will endure. Something we do know: Accounting and finance jobs are critical during times of economic uncertainty. Sales may yield revenue, but accounting and finance specialists track immediate results and… Read more »

Eight Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed


Whether you have decades of experience or you’re in the first phase of your career, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help tell your professional story to recruiters and potential employers. It allows you to convey much more than a resume and is often the go-to resource for anyone preparing to interview a candidate…. Read more »

Hiring for Aptitude and Attitude vs Skills  


Hiring candidate aptitude

Let’s be clear, hiring is always hard. But it’s even more challenging in today’s world where we have increased competition and a labor market not bound by geography; a global skills shortage; and unprecedented economic volatility spurred by COVID-19. Combine that with the cost of a bad hire —which according to the Department of Labor… Read more »

Smarter Hiring: Working with a Recruiter During COVID-19


Candidate for accounting job

With our country’s historic unemployment numbers due to COVID-19, business leaders might understandably assume it’s easy to find talent for open finance and accounting positions. In fact, the opposite is true. While the hiring pool is exponentially larger than a year ago, that doesn’t necessarily translate to “top talent” actively looking for new roles. The… Read more »

A Candidate’s Guide to Negotiating a Job Offer During COVID-19


Candidate negotiating job offer in finance

2020 has reshaped just about everything when it comes to work. Each of us has been pushed to adapt, pivot and grow. Many jobseekers have wisely leveraged the time to learn new skills that will make them more attractive to potential employers. Regardless, every candidate should expect some new norms when it comes to negotiating… Read more »

Ten Ways to Upscale Your Skills During COVID-19


The global pandemic has turned life as we knew it upside down. This week’s announcement from Governor Newsom, citing rising spikes in COVID-19 cases, called for most non-essential businesses to once again close their offices. For many of us, the step backwards hit particularly hard. Learning to navigate our “new normal” takes grace and grit…. Read more »