Building the CFO and CHRO Relationship



COVID-19 has been a once-in-a-lifetime disrupter for talent, with unemployment at record rates and many companies forced to furlough or lay off huge chunks of their workforce. Our recent Southern California survey of CFOs reports 52 percent of companies are currently hiring or expect to be by the end of Q3. Rebuilding teams and navigating… Read more »

Should You Take an Interview Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job? 


Interview questions

Well, it depends. Whether you’re seeking a new role or not, you should always take a recruiter’s call. Listen to them, keep an open mind and if you’re intrigued set up the interview. Even if you’re perfectly happy with your current job, it pays to be actively managing your career. In today’s turbulent job market, it… Read more »

Capitalize on Return-to-Work Hiring Trends


Last month we surveyed CEOs and CFOs throughout Southern California about the impact of COVID-19. While virtually all those surveyed said they’d experienced an adverse impact, an impressive 52% said they were currently hiring or expect to be by the end of Q3. This data point was backed up by an unexpectedly strong jobs report… Read more »

Preparing Your Offices for the Return to Work


Make Your Office Safer for the Return to Work

We are all anxious to return to work, but what changes do we need to consider in light of COVID-19 and the new norm of social distancing?   Last week, Alliance Resource Group CEO Jennifer Hannigan invited fellow Orange County CEO Cheryl Osborn of Casco Contractors to a webinar focused on ways to make your… Read more »

How to Work with a Recruiter During COVID-19 and Beyond


Recruiters thrive on making optimal matches between job seekers and employers. We’re always looking for the win-win — the candidate gets the best possible job for his or her needs and the company adds prized talent to their team. Working with a recruiter definitely puts you at an advantage. Before COVID-19, we were experiencing a… Read more »

Networking During COVID-19


A deep and broad network can be one of your most powerful tools, helping you find great opportunities and, likewise, helping great opportunities find you. This has never been truer than during COVID-19. The economic chaos spurred by the pandemic has rocked all sense of job security for most of us. We’re all left wondering:… Read more »

Job Hunting During COVID-19


Zoom Interview

  While the United States has seen a historical jump in unemployment during COVID-19, we’re starting to see movement in hiring across many industries. Economists predict a small recovery in Q3 and a big bounce in Q4 and well into 2021. Smart companies have their eyes on the horizon and understand they need to start… Read more »

Managing Expectations in the New Normal


  Earlier this week Governor Newsom announced that a small group of nonessential businesses, primarily in the retail sector, can reopen with certain restrictions as early as Friday, April 8. Additional Phase 2 announcements are expected any moment, allowing more and more Californians to return to work. While the economy will slowly begin to rebound,… Read more »

What Makes Alliance Resource Group a Better Option for Our Clients?


As an accounting or finance manager, you may be wondering what sets apart Alliance Resource Group from the other professional staffing agencies. You might be looking for a top firm with candidates who have hard-to-find skills. Or, you could be looking for staff to fill interim or temporary roles. Find out why we are the… Read more »

Three TED Talks Every Leader Should Watch Before August


The Best TED Talks for Leaders and Management

As a leader, you should be watching TED Talks as a way of honing your skills. Here are three TED Talks that will change your thinking about leadership. Listen, Learn… Then Lead by Stanley McChrystal “Listen, Learn… Then Lead” by Stanley McChrystal relates the leadership lessons he learned throughout his military career. McChrystal shares how… Read more »