Planning for 2018: 4 Podcasts Every Accounting & Finance Leader Should Subscribe To


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As an accounting or finance professional, you engage in ongoing opportunities to stay current in your industry. To add to your sources of education and enhance your leadership skills, we suggest you subscribe to at least one of these four podcasts. Journal of Accountancy Podcast The Journal of Accountancy podcast covers information on taxes, technology,… Read more »

Four Management Tactics to Help Make 2018 More Profitable Than 2017


As a manager, you are responsible for helping move the company forward. The start of a New Year is a time for setting new business priorities. Here are four ways you can make 2018 more profitable than 2017. Set Business Goals Set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) business goals. Use what you accomplished… Read more »

Is Your Resume Underselling Your True Qualities?


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If your resume is not getting you interviews, you may be underselling yourself. If your resume is not demonstrating your abilities and experience, you will be passed over for other candidates. Therefore, you want your resume to highlight your best qualities so hiring managers see your value and set up a time to meet with… Read more »

Are You Micromanaging Your Team Toward Their Breaking Point?


As a manager, you want the best performance from your team. You may spend a substantial amount of time monitoring their work to ensure they create the best possible results. However, rather than being seen as helpful, your team may view your actions as intrusive and counterproductive. Here are five ways to avoid micromanaging your… Read more »