Q2 2021 Perspective: On-the-Ground Optimism for a Rebounding Economy


Positive economic outlook

According to the Department of Labor, 916,000 jobs were added in the month of March in the United States, nearly double that added in February. It’s not hard to find forecasts projecting a robust economic recovery for the remainder of the year and into 2022 and 2023. Following a 3.5% decline in real GDP in… Read more »

Resume Writing for Finance and Accounting Roles


Improve your resume

Stand Out from the Competition with Precision, Consistency and Simplicity   Finance and Accounting resumes should be more than a long list of numbers and analytics. A strong financial resume should not only showcase technical experience and knowledge, but demonstrate — through concrete examples — intangible capabilities such as communication skills and relationship building, flair for… Read more »

Strategies for Retaining Top Talent in 2021 and Beyond (part 2)


Earlier this month we began a comprehensive look at retention strategies for 2021. We started part one with a premise that as more COVID-19 vaccines became available and re-openings became more widespread, the economy would rebound. Just two weeks later, most of Southern California has returned to the red-tier and the economy does indeed appear… Read more »

Make an Impact with Your Post-Interview Thank You


Candidate interviews for an accounting position

Congratulations! You aced an interview for that awesome new job opportunity (or at least you think you did). Sit back and wait for them to contact you with an offer? Absolutely not. A post-interview thank you note offers one final chance to make a lasting, high-impact impression. It’s a simple step that many candidates forget…. Read more »

Strategies for Retaining Top Talent in 2021 and Beyond (part 1)


Accounting manager discusses strategy

By Jennifer Hannigan, CEO, Alliance Resource Group From accelerated growth and job creation to readily available vaccines, 2021 kicked off on a high note. And, as virus numbers continue to drop, most economic and financial experts agree that the economy will rebound. So how do we remain resilient in the post-pandemic era? The answer is easy… Read more »

Make These Career Resolutions


Staff accountant career goals

by Jennifer Hannigan, CEO Alliance Resource Group   The business of targeting and leveraging talent has been my prime focus for more than 20 years. I have watched people launch their careers and skyrocket to the top. And, I have seen people start off strong and then never really kick into gear. Two employees may… Read more »

Make These 2021 Hiring Resolutions


CFO interviewing accounting candidate

by Jennifer Hannigan, CEO Alliance Resource Group   Happy New Year! Yes, we survived 2020 — and for most of us, it turned out to not be quite as bad as we feared. Most economists and experts agree — we are at the beginning stages of a recovery. If you’re like me, I have big… Read more »

Battling Bias During Your Job Search


Opening ourselves to new career opportunities can be both exciting and terrifying. It can also leave us vulnerable to various forms of self-sabotage. As we discussed in last month’s blog, job seekers often succumb to Availability Bias, when we base our viewpoints on a limited amount of recalled information, and the Halo Effect, when we… Read more »

Prejudice Pitfalls


Interviewing for finance job

Tips for Avoiding Positive and Negative Bias During Your Job Search Weighing your options on a potential career move comes with a roller coaster of emotions: excitement, optimism, fear, uncertainty and more. But you may not even be aware of some of the factors shaping those reactions. We are all susceptible to unconscious bias —… Read more »