Make These Career Resolutions


Staff accountant career goals

by Jennifer Hannigan, CEO Alliance Resource Group   The business of targeting and leveraging talent has been my prime focus for more than 20 years. I have watched people launch their careers and skyrocket to the top. And, I have seen people start off strong and then never really kick into gear. Two employees may… Read more »

Make These 2021 Hiring Resolutions


CFO interviewing accounting candidate

by Jennifer Hannigan, CEO Alliance Resource Group   Happy New Year! Yes, we survived 2020 — and for most of us, it turned out to not be quite as bad as we feared. Most economists and experts agree — we are at the beginning stages of a recovery. If you’re like me, I have big… Read more »

Battling Bias During Your Job Search


Opening ourselves to new career opportunities can be both exciting and terrifying. It can also leave us vulnerable to various forms of self-sabotage. As we discussed in last month’s blog, job seekers often succumb to Availability Bias, when we base our viewpoints on a limited amount of recalled information, and the Halo Effect, when we… Read more »

Prejudice Pitfalls


Interviewing for finance job

Tips for Avoiding Positive and Negative Bias During Your Job Search Weighing your options on a potential career move comes with a roller coaster of emotions: excitement, optimism, fear, uncertainty and more. But you may not even be aware of some of the factors shaping those reactions. We are all susceptible to unconscious bias —… Read more »

Pro-Tip: Leverage Temps for Year-End Support


As we edge towards the end of this unprecedented year, finance and accounting teams will be tasked with unique-to-2020 activities on top of all the normal end-of-year projects. Do you have the right talent in place to flawlessly execute on everything that needs to occur between now and the start of 2021? If not, temporary… Read more »

No More Excuses for These Zoom Fails


by Jennifer Hannigan, CEO of Alliance Resource Group After more than three months working remotely, I’ve spent more time with Zoom than my own children. And I’ve got a few things to say. I’ve Zoomed with my team. I’ve Zoomed with clients. I’ve interviewed dozens of candidates, hosted a Zoom webinar, talked to my kids’… Read more »

Five Tips for Agile Scenario Planning


If the events of 2020 have taught us one thing, it’s that the future is unpredictable. CFOs have been especially challenged during this unprecedented year, and reforecasting has become a more frequent requirement. Increasingly, finance leaders are turning to more agile models with multiple scenarios planned. This agility is key to navigating through the turbulence… Read more »

Stand Out in Every Interview


Mastering an interview takes practice. Interview experience leads to increased confidence and a greater chance of landing your dream job. Many resources, including Inc. and Forbes, give practical interview tips for novice and seasoned job seekers. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for upping your interview game.   Manage Your Mindset Interviews can… Read more »

Seven Reasons to Use Temps During COVID-19 and Beyond


The media and economists all have their predictions, but no one really knows how long this economic downturn will last or what prolonged effects companies will endure. Something we do know: Accounting and finance jobs are critical during times of economic uncertainty. Sales may yield revenue, but accounting and finance specialists track immediate results and… Read more »