Should You Take an Interview Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job? 


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Well, it depends. Whether you’re seeking a new role or not, you should always take a recruiter’s call. Listen to them, keep an open mind and if you’re intrigued set up the interview. Even if you’re perfectly happy with your current job, it pays to be actively managing your career. In today’s turbulent job market, it… Read more »

Capitalize on Return-to-Work Hiring Trends


Last month we surveyed CEOs and CFOs throughout Southern California about the impact of COVID-19. While virtually all those surveyed said they’d experienced an adverse impact, an impressive 52% said they were currently hiring or expect to be by the end of Q3. This data point was backed up by an unexpectedly strong jobs report… Read more »

Is Your Resume Underselling Your True Qualities?


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If your resume is not getting you interviews, you may be underselling yourself. If your resume is not demonstrating your abilities and experience, you will be passed over for other candidates. Therefore, you want your resume to highlight your best qualities so hiring managers see your value and set up a time to meet with… Read more »