Question: How Can I Get My Introvert Employees to Speak Up in a Meeting and Share Their Thoughts?


Having a voice in the work environment is important. However, introvert employees tend to be more observers than talkers. They prefer to take in everything around them and process it before sharing a response. That can be challenging when everyone is talking at once or people are dominating the conversation. For this reason, you must encourage your… Read more »

The Guide to Confronting an Employee Who Is Performing Below Expectations


Confronting Employees Who Are Performing Below Expectations

As a leader, performance management is a significant part of your job. You need to deliver high productivity by using your team to reach its potential. Despite your best efforts, there will be times when an employee fails to meet performance expectations. It is then that you need to confront them about their performance and develop… Read more »

Are You Coaching Your Employees to Develop on a Daily Basis?


Mentoring Employees | Alliance Resource Group

As a manager, you need to be coaching your employees on a daily basis. Providing ongoing feedback helps your team understand which actions and contributions you would like reinforced. Keep up with changes in your industry to remain competitive. Develop Individual Strengths When you coach your employees, you develop their strengths. Each employee brings unique… Read more »