Why It’s Okay to Take a Risk and Find a New Job in 2019


Take a Risk and Find a New Job in 2019

In many cases, the New Year means finding a new finance job in Orange County. Although the prospect may seem risky, it may be even more detrimental for you to stay where you are. Not sure if a new opportunity is right for you? Consider these four reasons to take the next step in your… Read more »

Four Benefits to Consider (Aside from Salary) When Searching for Your Next Assignment


Accounting Job Search in Orange County | Alliance Resource Group

When finding your next work assignment, there is more to consider than just salary. Along with examining your fit with company culture, you want to ask about your benefits package. Remember to learn more about these four benefits when deciding which assignment to take. Health Insurance Do you qualify for health insurance? Because of the… Read more »

Four Ways to Showcase Your Expertise During an Interview


Improving Your Job Interview | Alliance Resource Group

During an interview, besides showing you are a great fit with company culture, you want to talk about how your skills and experience make you most qualified for the role. These guidelines will help you show your expertise during an interview and bring you one step closer to being offered a position. Discuss Your Industry… Read more »