COVID-19 Economic Impact Survey Results


CFO financial planning

As California continues to slowly reopen, we’re all grappling with the same issues. What is the real financial impact on our business and how do we capitalize on the recovery? We’re recasting financials weekly if not daily and are starting to get a grasp on what reopening looks like. Two weeks ago, we surveyed our… Read more »

Let’s Be Honest. How Much Is a TOP CFO Worth in 2020?


Hiring a CFO in 2020

Given the high incomes that CFOs make, you may be wondering exactly how much a top CFO is worth in 2020. Although the average annual salary of a CFO can vary depending on many factors, we believe that a top CFO for a company with revenue of $500 million+ is worth $350,000-$580,000 with an average… Read more »