Self-Reflection Tips: How to Improve Your Management Style When Top Employees Leave Your Office


A common saying is that people do not leave companies, they leave managers. Part of employees’ dissatisfaction is due to management styles. Because certain styles do not work well with certain workforces, you need to adopt a management style that blends with company culture and increases employee engagement. When searching for top finance professionals, partner… Read more »

The Guide to Building a Lasting Working Friendship with Your Team to Maximize Employee Retention


Improving Employee Retention

Working friendships have been proven to increase engagement and productivity. Employees who are engaged and productive tend to remain loyal to the company longer. Therefore, you want to create working friendships with your team members to increase retention rates. Get to Know Your Team Members Talk to your team members on a personal level. Getting… Read more »

Why Employee Recognition Is the Secret to Employee Retention


Employee Recognition | Alliance Resource Group

In the competitive world of business, your company needs to stay on top. Because the most qualified professionals have their choice of employers, you need to do what you can to attract and retain the best of the best. One thing you can do is implement an employee recognition program to find and keep top… Read more »