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Why It’s Okay to Take a Risk and Find a New Job in 2019

In many cases, the New Year means finding a new finance job in Orange County. Although the prospect may seem risky, it may be even more detrimental for you to stay where you are.
Not sure if a new opportunity is right for you?
Consider these four reasons to take the next step in your career in 2019.


If your company lacks effective management, you are better off working for someone new. Consistently dealing with drama caused by poor or last-minute decision-making does not create a stable work environment. Lacking vision or project planning inhibits sustainability and long-term success. Constantly changing gears due to lack of a plan disrupts productivity and growth. Find a stable, productive environment in which you can grow.

Goal Alignment

If your goals are not aligned with company goals, then look for opportunities elsewhere. If the company’s mission, values, and beliefs do not blend with yours, you will not be happy working toward something you do not feel passionate about. Also, if you lack a strong relationship with your manager, you will be less inclined to perform your best each day. Plus, if you believe the company puts more emphasis on profits than employees, you will not feel valued and respected. Find an employer whose vision, priorities and goals fit with yours.


If you are being passed over for advancement or have reached the highest level within the organization, then you need to find a new job. Continuously watching colleagues who are less talented and experienced than you advance within the organization means your efforts are not being recognized. Having the majority of higher positions being filled through outside sources demonstrates a lack of promotion from within. Plus, if you already are at the top position in your department, you have no room to grow. You need to look elsewhere for opportunities to advance your career.

Professional Development

If you lack opportunities for professional development, then it’s time to move on. You cannot add to your skill set and qualifications if you are not offered additional training. Participating in industry-related seminars, workshops, and conferences provide opportunities for networking, learning about industry changes and trends, and discussing best practices. Ongoing professional development is necessary to stay relevant in your field and continue adding value for an employer.


If you are being micromanaged, then find a job that offers greater independence. Because your manager may have been promoted without proper training, they may not know how to trust you to independently complete your work. Your manager also may believe their way is the best way to perform tasks and expect you to follow directions rather than determine your own approach. You will become frustrated with constantly being watched and begin seeking employment elsewhere.

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