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Are You Welcoming Remote Workers into Your Workforce and Properly Including Them in Team Events?

When onboarding remote workers, the first few weeks with your company are crucial. You need remote workers to embrace your culture, build relationships with colleagues, and learn your systems so they begin contributing. To ensure your workers feel integrated into the team, here are six ways you can welcome remote workers into your workforce. For help finding remote accounting and finance professionals, talk with the financial recruitment partners at Alliance Resource Group.

Provide a Company Handbook  

Give remote workers a company handbook. Provide information on the company and policies related to what the workers were hired for. Include documents they may need to complete their work, guidance on how to complete certain tasks, and which tools and resources are available.   

Create a Communication Plan  

Find out which types of communication your remote workers prefer. Whether video calls, instant messages, emails, online chats, texts or phone calls are desired, share the frequency with which you would like to contact each other and how often you want to meet with them. 

Clarify Expectations  

Clearly explain what is expected of your remote workers. Talk about your company’s mission, vision and values, team objectives and individual responsibilities. Confirm that everyone knows what their role is, how to perform their work, and how their efforts contribute to the organization.   

Assign a Point of Contact 

Provide remote workers with a staff member who can answer questions and provide support after onboarding. Having someone to turn to for help will facilitate getting acclimated to the company, include workers in culture, and guide them through workflows. 

Schedule a Video Call 

Set up a video call with staff members and remote workers. Let everyone introduce themselves, connect names with faces, and share their interests. If you cannot have everyone on the video call, set up smaller team calls so workers and staff can get to know each other.   

Share Company Social Channels 

Encourage remote workers to participate on company social channels. For instance, use software such as Slack to communicate about work- and non-work-related topics. Mention which channel can be used to join in casual conversations with staff members. 

Organize Team Events 

Include remote workers in team events. Supply quizzes that provide opportunities to learn about each other and initiate conversations. Choose from multiple choice answers, polls, or other formats. Ask questions such as “Would you rather…”, or have everyone match a fact to the colleague. Also, create a virtual fitness challenge where everyone sets a fitness goal that can be tracked using their phone. Whoever performs the best wins a prize. Plus, have a photography competition where colleagues use their smartphone to take pictures centered around a theme. The winner gets a framed professional print of their shot.  

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