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The Key to Showing Your Manager You’re Ready for More Responsibility When Working on a Contract Assignment

As a leading finance professional working in contract positions, you know that employees who do more work get ahead. When you accept greater responsibility and get higher profile assignments, you’re the first to be noticed when higher positions or salary increases become available. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to ask for the duties and assignments you want to grow in your career. Here are five ways to show your manager you’re ready for more responsibility in your contract assignments. When looking for finance jobs in Los Angeles, get in touch with Alliance Resource Group.  

Talk with Your Manager 

Let your manager know you’re interested in taking on additional responsibility. Share your desire for learning new skills and increasing your contributions. Talk about your plans for career growth and moving up within the organization. Make sure your workload provides time for handling additional tasks.  

Focus on Project Management 

Gain additional responsibility by finishing all of your work on time. Regularly communicate with your manager where you are on a project. Find creative solutions to problems. Demonstrate how you use resources to overcome roadblocks. Show that you can remove performance and project barriers to get your work done on time. Stay on budget and exceed expectations. Demonstrate that you are able to take on more.  

Volunteer for Additional Work 

Take the initiative by asking for additional tasks. Show you are willing to take on the grunt work that nobody else is, such as alphabetizing client files. Demonstrate your willingness to take on difficult work to make your mark. Taking action to fill a need shows commitment to your work and establishes your reputation as a reliable employee. Such instincts are needed for higher-level assignments.  

Enhance Your Skill Set 

Determine which skills will help you excel in your industryFocus on news, trends and developments that affect your work and which skills open up new opportunities for growth.  You may look into seminars, conferences, or professional groups to develop those skills. Additional skills prepare you for additional responsibility.   

Show Your Expertise 

Continuously add to your knowledge and experience base to show you’re an expert in the field. For instance, set up a Google Alert for topics relevant to your industry, company or area of responsibility. Read articles sent to your inbox to stay current in your field. Also, use Twitter’s news hashtags to send relevant articles to your manager with a brief summary. Be able to answer any questions that may arise.  

Gain More Responsibility in Contract Finance Assignments 

Gain more responsibility in your contract finance jobs in Los Angeles by partnering with Alliance Resource Group. We gain a thorough understanding of your experience, knowledge and ambitions, then identify suitable roles for desirable hiring results and greater engagementContact us today.