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A Look into the Personality Traits That Lead to a Great New Hire

When looking for new hires to add to your accounting or finance team, keep in mind that any knowledge and hard skills a candidate lacks can be taught. However, personality traits are something a candidate is born with and cannot be taught. For this reason, you want to focus more on personality traits than knowledge and hard skills when deciding whom you’d like to join your team. When the time comes to hire additional staff, reach out to the expert Accounting and Finance Recruiters at Alliance Resource Group.


An ambitious new hire goes the extra mile to reach company goals and move forward in their career. They have high expectations of themselves and put in their best effort each day. An ambitious employee is a go-getter who involves coworkers in his journey to the top.


A confident new hire takes calculated risks and accepts challenges for growth. They have faith in their talents and abilities to produce desired outcomes. Their self-assured attitude provides a model for others to follow.


A reliable new hire attentively listens, follows directions, and makes few errors. They adhere to deadlines, take their responsibilities seriously, and enjoy helping colleagues. A reliable employee shows up on time, stays late when needed, and remains loyal to the company.


A committed new hire does more than what’s expected of them. They go beyond their job duties by accepting tasks and responsibilities to benefit the team. A committed employee is passionate about what they do and puts in their best effort. They stay current in the industry through professional development to better develop their skills, knowledge and experience.

Cultural Fit

A new hire who fits your culture adheres to your company’s mission, vision, and values. Their decision-making process, language, and workplace practices are like their coworkers’. The employee enjoys working in teams, welcomes feedback, and wants to improve efficiency.


A driven new hire uses self-motivation to get work done. They have the stamina to consistently produce outstanding work with minimal supervision. A driven employee sets a pace for others to follow and provides a high return on investment. They rise above adversity and learn from their mistakes so they do better next time.


A collaborative new hire performs well individually and in teams. They’re patient, tolerant, and socially skilled. A collaborative employee gets more work done in less time, may work faster as a team than individually, and enjoys learning from others.


A proactive new hire takes the initiative. They find new ways to improve productivity and increase value for their employers. A proactive employee plans ahead, anticipates ways to overcome obstacles, and advances in the organization.

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