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The Key to Making Your Onboarding Process as EASY and EFFICIENT as Possible

Bringing aboard new hires is an exciting but stressful time. As beneficial as it is having additional employees with the skills and experience needed to move your company forward, you also need to make time to onboard them. Since onboarding directly influences employee morale, performance, and impact on business goals, here are some tips to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.
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Create Onboarding Videos and Recordings

Develop foundational training videos and audio recordings for new hires. Include standard operating procedures, information on the competition, and your company’s mission, vision, and values. Discuss the performance tracking apps, communication tools, and other technology your organization uses. Include quizzes to track progress. Transcribe the video and audio recordings so new hires can read and absorb the information as needed. Organize your training library so employees can review the information at their convenience.

Implement Automation

Automate as much as possible. Email video training, policy education, and other information before a new hire starts so they can begin learning about the company. Include forms to fill out so new hires can focus on more exciting onboarding activities during their first day.

Send a Welcome Package

Have a personalized welcome package mailed to each new hire’s home. Show you are excited to have them join your team. Include a note from each of the interviewers, a mug, and company swag. The same day the package arrives, send an email describing the new hire’s Day One agenda, where and when to arrive, and what to expect for the first week. This reduces stress and takes away some of the mystery of what may happen at a new job.

Train New Hires

Invest a week or two orienting each new hire with the company and their role. Introduce them to colleagues and coworkers they will regularly work with. Provide a company roster so the new hire knows how to contact coworkers. Clearly explain job responsibilities. Show how the new hire’s role fits within the team and contributes to business success. Get them started on meaningful work so the new hire feels valued and productive. Remain available to answer questions and provide constructive feedback.

Assign a Mentor

Choose a mentor for each new hire. Seasoned employees can transfer their knowledge to get new employees quickly acclimated to company culture and role requirements. Seasoned employees also can provide constructive feedback for new hires to better perform their jobs. New hires can ask questions about the company, department, position, and related topics to gain additional insight into how to best perform their work.

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