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Preparing Your Offices for the Return to Work

We are all anxious to return to work, but what changes do we need to consider in light of COVID-19 and the new norm of social distancing?

Last week, Alliance Resource Group CEO Jennifer Hannigan invited fellow Orange County CEO Cheryl Osborn of Casco Contractors to a webinar focused on ways to make your office safer and healthier for going back to work.
“Like everyone, I’m ready to get out of my house and return to work,” Cheryl said. “But even though we’re ready, we need to be thoughtful about how we keep our employees safe.”
Cheryl shared a variety of tips for making the return safer, from adding hand sanitizing stations throughout your building and upgrading to touchless faucets to more complex changes, such as shifting rearranging your workstations and expanding conference space.
Both Jennifer and Cheryl said they’d surveyed their employees to better understand their health and safety concerns/ “It was eye-opening,” Jennifer said. “In some cases, we had polar opposite responses — some team members were ready to come back tomorrow, while others had some very serious reservations.”
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