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Are You Setting Aside 5 Minutes Every Month to Coach Your Star Employees? 

As a manager, communication with your team is critical for success. Well-executed communication strategies boost productivity, trust, and engagement. Consistent discussion helps employees connect with company culture, perform at their highest levels, and reach their full potential. For these reasons, you need to have individual, 5-minute coaching sessions with your entire team each month.    

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Have Monthly One-on-Ones 

Schedule individual, 5-minute meetings with your team on the first day of each month. Emphasize the importance of these meetings by not shifting them around. Provide actionable feedback to keep everyone on track, engaged, and feeling appreciated. Show specific ways each employee can become more successful in their role. Demonstrate that you care about everyone’s professional growth, development, and career success.  

Focus on Employees 

Make each one-on-one meeting about the team member rather than you. Start by discussing their successes since your last monthly meeting. Ensure your employee has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals. If any are needed, put them in place before your next 5-minute meeting. Share what you have observed the past month. Include what your teammate is doing well and opportunities for growth. Find out how you can promote improvement in these areas. Use what you talked about to create a specific goal for your next one-on-one meeting.  

Teach Problem Solving 

If a team member brings up a problem they need to solve, coach them to find solutions on their own. Providing advice on what you would do, especially if it is something you are good at, is a short-term solution. To provide skills for long-term problem-solving, begin by actively listening to the problem. Reflect back on what you hear the person saying. Ask probing, open-ended questions to help them find answers. Describe the thought process you might use. Include your experiences and how similar situations played out. Help your teammate arrive at viable answers.   

Oversee Career Goals 

Help each teammate identify and reach a long-term career goal. Include a realistic path and timeline with concrete milestones. Discuss obstacles they may need to overcome and habits to outgrow. Set realistic expectations for how long it may take to achieve the goal. Emphasize how important the journey is. Monitor each person’s progress on the path to attaining their goal. For instance, a team member might want to take on additional responsibilities in line with their passions. You can help them identify the necessary skills to develop and projects to take on to reach the goal. Ensure you align these actions with the goals of your team.  

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