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Pro Tips for Candidates: Why Using a Recruiter Can Be a Game Changer

By Jennifer Hannigan, CEO of Alliance Resource Group

Working with a recruiter always gives job hunters an advantage — I wouldn’t have dedicated my entire professional career to the recruiting industry if I didn’t believe this. During any recession, it’s even more important.

This unprecedented year has shaken up all the rules for business, especially for hiring. If you’re looking for a new role, a recruiter can be your best guide for navigating through the new normal.

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Record unemployment means a crowded talent pool. Companies can be especially picky in these times, ignoring any candidate who doesn’t fit all ten boxes on their perfect employee checklist. Recruiters can help them “read between the lines” of your resume and appreciate what an asset you’d be to their company.
  • Yes, the candidate pool is huge, but it’s not necessarily filled with A-players like yourself. That said, it’s more likely that your resume will get lost in the shuffle. Our recruiters bypass that process and get you in front of the right people quickly.
  • Even though there will always be a demand for the strongest talent, the competition is fierce right now. You need someone who can advocate for you. When a recruiter believes in you, I can guarantee the client knows it.
  • Recruiters pride themselves in knowing their clients well, especially those “hot buttons” that might not be visible to the general public. They use this intel to help you prepare for your interviews, ensuring you’re ready for any questions that come your way.
  • During times like these, hiring managers and executives are stretched beyond their limits and can often revert to being overly reactive. Recruiters help manage the hiring process and keep the client focused on moving open positions forward in a timely manner.
  • We are all surrounded by uncertainty. Whether you’re unemployed or still working, no one knows for certain what the financial impact of COVID-19 will have on businesses and our overall economy. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake in your next role. Even with all that, companies still need to hire; work needs to be done, especially in the finance and accounting world. Recruiters know the market and understand the risks and rewards of working for specific companies and will help you weigh your options. Knowledge and transparency are critical during times like these.
  • During a recession, a company may try to bargain for a lower salary. Recruiters are trained negotiators who represent both sides. They’ll help you come to an agreement that is fair and mutually beneficial.
  • Companies often conduct confidential searches during a recession. They may be trying to upgrade their talent for the economic rebound, but don’t want to call attention to it. There might be an internal reorganization on the horizon. In these situations, they almost always turn to recruiters. You want to be represented when these top-tier positions are being privately discussed.


Bottom line: It’s a hyper competitive landscape for those looking for their next role, but there are incredible opportunities out there. You need every advantage on your side to ensure you’re noticed and well-equipped for the hiring process. We’re in this together.

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