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How to Address an Employee’s Behavior When They Don’t Feel Like the Right Fit for Your Company Culture

Your company culture has a significant impact on your organization’s success. Positive culture contributes to employee performance, business growth, and the ability to attract and retain talent. When employees with diverse backgrounds and skillsets align with the same vision and values, they are guided by the same mission and principles. This is why taking action when an employee’s behavior does not match the company culture is so important. Correcting the actions right away prevents adverse behavior from influencing others and potentially harming the business. Here are some suggestions to help a new hire blend with your culture.  

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Get to Know the Employee 

Find out what you can about the new hire. The stress of starting a new job may mean their behavior is not the best representation of who they really are. Perhaps the employee misinterpreted company culture or does not realize the trouble they are having fitting in. Invite the new hire to coffee. Ask what they like to do on the weekends. Find common interests to talk about. Introduce the employee to coworkers with similar passions. Schedule team projects, collaborations, and after-hours events for colleagues to get to know each other. Forming relationships can help the new hire feel more like part of the team. Being around other employees can teach them how to blend with company culture.   

Assist with Culture Adjustment 

Ask the employee how you can help them adjust to company culture. Perhaps they are used to a supportive culture and yours is competitive. Or, the new hire may have joined your fast-paced culture after being part of a laid-back one. Find out where the conflicts and misunderstandings are coming from so you can help resolve them. Privately talk with the employee to provide constructive feedback. Give specific examples of how they could more seamlessly blend with the culture. Ask them to share their perspective as well. Get to the root of the problem and address it head-on so it does not become a bigger issue. 

Offer Mentoring 

Find potential mentors to help the employee transition into the company. A mentor can share their knowledge about the business and experience working there. They can model behavior in line with company culture and provide constructive feedback for the new hire to assimilate. The new hire can learn better ways to relate to team members, empathize, and effectively communicate.   

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