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Pro-Tip: Leverage Interim Consultants for Deadline or Year-End Support

Do you have the right talent in place to flawlessly execute on everything that needs to occur between now and your deadlines? If not, temporary help might be the perfect answer.

Leveraging temporary staffing has been trending upwards in recent years. According to Forbes, high-end temp workers are on the rise with help from matchmaking temp agencies. In 2019, more than 40% of U.S. businesses used temp hires in their accounting and finance operations—up from 28% in 2018.

As we highlighted in our recently published 2021 Salary Guide, we’ve seen an increase in the use of temp help in 2020 and expect that trend to continue in 2021. Many companies have had staff reductions or are cautious relative to adding full-time talent. Temps offer a great alternative.

The best temp consultants bring expertise in specific areas and can add a fresh perspective to your current processes. They know the ins and outs of fiscal responsibilities—year-end procedures are similar across industries. Best practices they learned elsewhere may improve your protocol moving forward.

Hiring temp consultants can ease workload burdens and help business — and employees — thrive. The margin for error increased for overworked accounting and finance departments. Avoid potential missed deadlines and financial reporting mistakes and relieve pressure for the entire team. Temps can make your team stronger and help you finish the year with minimal stress.

To effectively leverage a temp consultant, it’s important to first identify your specific needs. Develop a detailed job description; define specific responsibilities and requirements of the temporary position. Communicate definitive plans and projects so your team can stay on target, on task and on time.

Here are six of our top reasons to hire temps for year-end support:

  1. Experienced temps know their profession and need minimal training, which can save you time and money. Many have extensive experience with year-end activities and will put those skills to work for you.
  2. Hiring temporary help takes care of the tasks at hand and mitigates potential burnout for your permanent team.
  3. Avoid a lengthy hiring process. We vet the candidates and advise on compensation to match the marketplace.
  4. Financial virtuosos can make tax season a breeze—from simple data entry to senior-level solutions.
  5. Temps fit a specific role for a specified contract period, no long-term commitment required. After this turbulent year, we all want to be prepared for the unexpected. Temps offer added flexibility.
  6. Temps often become potential candidates. An exceptional seasonal consultant may become a valued full-time A-player.

Economic turbulence or not, accounting and finance specialists are essential to running a successful business. You can streamline and de-stress your year-end activities with the help of temporary consultants.

Alliance Resource Group has close ties to the best accounting and finance pros in Southern California, many who are currently open to temp consulting.

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