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Top 3 Takeaways for 2022 Career Transitions

As we look towards 2022 and ongoing questions around an economic recovery, we know that we’ll be facing a year of known unknowns — things that we know exist, but we don’t have all the information to fully understand.

ARG’s recently published 2022 Financial Salary Guide and Employment Outlook examines market perspectives, economic projections, employer incentives, and employee attitudes and expectations to help bring greater clarity to the unknowns ahead.

As you prepare for New Year’s resolutions, career transitions, and the ongoing competition for top talent, here are the top three trends to keep on your radar.


1) Hybrid work. When it comes to employee wellness and satisfaction, two things were learned from COVID-19. People like working from home, but they also miss social interactions and collaborating with peers. What this means for Accounting and Finance organizations is that the hybrid work environment is here to stay.

Many organizations are crafting pilot policies that offer the flexibility of a few days in the office each week. Be certain to negotiate this whether a new employee or in career conversations with your direct supervisor or HR representative.


2) The long-term effects of WFH. Perhaps one of the biggest known unknowns is the long-term effects of working from home. While WFH may have increased productivity in some instances, it’s come at the expense of eroding shared experiences, professional development, and company culture. Much research in the past 18 months points to high levels of loneliness, stress, and depression with unknown long-term post-pandemic consequences.

As you return to work, embrace the opportunities to:

  • Collaborate in-person
  • Reset boundaries and leave work at the office
  • Leverage coaching and mentoring for professional development
  • Standout from others and plan your career move


3) Refreshed focus on professional development. The 2022 War on Talent positions job seekers and employees with never-before-seen opportunity. The need for top talent is at an all-time high, while the talent pool is at an all-time low. Finance and Accounting organizations known what’s at stake if they fail to retain or attract highly skilled employees. Use this to your advantage.

In addition to salary increases, many companies are offering new and expanded compensation packages with childcare, unlimited vacation time, emergency savings accounts, and more. Also, they are ramping up professional development opportunities from online learning to leadership training, mentoring and coaching. Take some time to plan your personal growth path and leverage the renewed focus on professional development.


Learn more about the trends impacting the Accounting and Finance job market. The 2022 Financial Salary Guide and Employment Outlook provides a comprehensive framework for career planning and transitions, including projected salaries, benefits and perks, trends, and other key economic data.


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