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Finding the Right Experience When Timing is Critical

Every member of our elite team has real-world Finance and Accounting experience which we put to work for you. From finding and placing a CFO with specific industry experience to building world-class accounting teams, Alliance Resource Group works closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and solve their talent challenges.  No challenge is too big.

This is the first in an on-going series of case studies that demonstrate our team’s laser-focused approach to tackling our clients’ needs.

The Challenge

A growing, publicly traded digital advertising company in Southern California, engaged ARG after identifying a skills gap within their finance team. As their annual sales goal and budget planning processes were quickly approaching, the VP of Finance reached out to our team to find an experienced consultant specializing in data analytics, business intelligence, and financial modeling.

The Solution

In less than 24 hours, ARG presented the company with a consultant who had the exact experience they were seeking. The candidate had worked for large ($2B in revenue) publicly traded companies and possessed strong corporate as well as operational finance experience. His core competencies included automation (reporting), data analytics, business intelligence, modeling, forecasting, budgeting, special projects (M&A divestiture, inventory, software implementation, etc.), post-merger integration, 5–7-year planning, valuation, KPIs, dashboard reporting, and consolidations.

The Outcome

The client was extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and expertise that our consultant possessed. He was both highly competent and a strong culture match for the fast-growing company.

“He quickly became an integral part of our annual sales goal and budget processes,” the client said. “He also assisted us in rebuilding our complex sales pipeline model, demonstrating strong technical and analytical skills that helped us identify trends and compile relevant insights.”

According to the client, the ARG-placed consultant quickly established good collaborative relationships throughout the company, especially with the finance, accounting, Salesforce and sales teams: “His vast experience brought a unique perspective to the table.”

It was a big win for the client and a great example of how ARG leverages our own experience and robust network to solve any challenge that comes our way.