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Empower Your Career: The Benefits of Becoming a Finance and Accounting Consultant

As an accounting and finance professional navigating today’s hot job market, have you pondered a career trajectory that empowers you with more autonomy and flexibility, diversifies your experience, and enhances your work-life balance? If so, becoming a consultant might be the perfect fit for you.

As a consultant, you are the architect of your career — gaining unique insight and expertise to help shape and achieve long-term career goals.

Here are 11 reasons to explore a highly rewarding consultant role.

Autonomous Career Path: Leveraging the Power of Decision-Making

You determine which projects align with your career objectives and which ones to pass on. This degree of autonomy facilitates diverse exposure and grants opportunities to engage with a wide spectrum of clients and industries.

Diversified Experience: Catalyzing Continuous Professional Development

Presented with an array of opportunities across diverse industries and projects, the consultancy environment stimulates constant learning and facilitates professional progression, keeping your skillsets relevant and current.

Network Expansion: Building Professional Relationships

One of the standout perks of being a consultant is the opportunity to rapidly expand your professional network. Working with a range of clients across sectors can be a significant advantage in building meaningful relationships and boosting your reputation across a broad professional landscape. You never know when these contacts might come into play.

Technological Edge: Enhancing Marketability through Emergent Systems

Serving as a consultant provides an opportunity to gain proficiency in emergent technologies and ERP systems. This proficiency not only enriches your technical competency but also augments your overall value and marketability, making you a more appealing asset to future employers.

Exposure to Best Practices: Strengthening Problem-Solving Abilities

Engaging with a variety of clients introduces you to a broad range of best practices. The wealth of knowledge you acquire from these interactions can boost your problem-solving abilities and sharpen your professional instincts.

Work-Life Balance: Embracing Flexibility

One of the most appealing aspects of consulting is its inherent flexibility. You can manage your time according to your needs and preferences, striking a balance between work commitments and personal pursuits, be it family time or other interests. Typically, consultancy roles offer a more equitable work-life balance via a 40-hour workweek that doesn’t require early mornings, late nights or weekends.

Quick Impact: Delivering Meaningful Value

As a consultant, you get to make a real difference, swiftly identifying and resolving problems while providing meaningful value to companies that require your expertise.

Explore and Grow: Finding Your Ideal Role

Companies are generally more flexible about consultants’ backgrounds, allowing you to dabble in new industries and acquire new skills. These experiences can help you pinpoint the environments and roles that are a perfect fit for your career path.

Bolster Your Credentials: Building a Standout Resume

Leading diverse projects and gaining cross-industry experience can significantly boost your resume, making you an attractive prospect for future clients and employers.

Test the Waters: Assessing Before Committing

Consultancy roles permit you to assess a new company, its leadership, and its culture before committing to a full-time role – a benefit akin to “try before you buy.” The same is true for trying out a new industry — consultants can experience working in an industry without having to make a longterm commitment.

From Projects to Position: Paving Pathways to Full-Time Employment

Many consulting projects often conclude with offers for full-time employment, allowing you to transform your project-based experience into a long-term position.

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