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Finding a Trusted Leader for a High-Stakes Financial Season

The strategic placement of Accounting and Finance talent requires specialized industry knowledge in finance leadership. At Alliance Resource Group, we embrace a consultative partnership, delving into the intricacies of our clients’ unique challenges to tailor talent solutions.

Our team of seasoned professionals — all with robust experience in Finance and Accounting — applies their collective wisdom to navigate and resolve even the most complex talent acquisition scenarios. Our approach goes beyond placement: We meticulously source elite talent to ensure every leadership role we fill marks a pivotal step toward organizational excellence.

This is part of an ongoing series of case studies that demonstrates our team’s laser-focused approach to tackling client needs.

The Problem

A multinational consumer products company with $400 million in revenue lost a key member of their finance management team right before their budgeting and forecasting season. The company was recently purchased by a large private equity firm, and there were high stakes to not only provide sophisticated analysis to the new owners but to do so in a condensed time frame.

The Solution

Alliance Resource Group immediately deployed a strong Finance Consultant who was able to come in, quickly get up to speed, and assume the driver’s seat for both the annual budget process and development of a three-year strategic plan. Our consultant quickly gained the trust of both the CEO and the CFO and worked intimately with them to address the financial requirements of the PE firm. Not only was he able to deliver the 2024 budget and forecast on time, he also introduced new key metrics and analysis that were praised by company leadership for the valuable insight and financial transparency they provided.

The Outcome

ARG’s consultant made such an incredible impact that the Executive Team, with the blessing of the PE Firm, created a full-time permanent position for him as VP of Finance where he now continues to provide value daily.