The Key to Setting (AND ACHIEVING) Your 2020 Professional Goals


Setting and Achieving 2020 Professional Goals

In addition to key performance indicators your company may set for you and your team, you should create your own professional goals. Knowing what you want to work toward and putting a plan into action help you develop your career in the direction you want. The more decisions you make for yourself, the better you… Read more »

What Negative Messages Are You Sending When You Show Up Late to a Meeting?


Almost everyone is late to a meeting at some point. Unexpected circumstances may develop that prevent us from being punctual. However, making a habit of showing up late to meetings sends a variety of negative messages. Not being at least five minutes early gives the impression that whatever kept you was more important than respecting… Read more »

Regroup and Recharge This Holiday Season with These Personal Development Books


With the holiday season upon us, you should have some time away from the office to rest and rejuvenate. As you celebrate with family and friends, be sure to take time for yourself as well. One activity to participate in is reading personal development books. Here are four suggestions to get started. If your plans… Read more »

Control Your Day! The Key to Blocking Time on Your Schedule to Increase Productivity


Blocking Time to Increase Workplace Productivity

From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, you spend your days going to meetings, putting out fires, answering voicemails and emails and talking with employees. If you aren’t intentional in scheduling your time, you won’t be able to get much done or have time for your personal life. Since… Read more »

Is Your Work-Life Balance, Well… Out of Balance?


Work Life Balance Improvements | Alliance Resource Group

In many cases, your work can take priority over everything else in your life. Your desire for career success can cause you to forget about the other significant areas that matter. For this reason, you need to find a balance between work and your personal life. Having a healthy work-life balance minimizes stress and burnout… Read more »

Common Consequences of a Toxic Workplace Culture…And How to Fix It!


Workplace Frustration | Alliance Resource Group

Signs of toxic workplace culture may be seen throughout the office. For instance, the lack of communication between managers and teams means employees receive no feedback or recognition for their work. High levels of stress lead to a greater incidence of fatigue, illness, and burnout. Turnover increases because employees don’t want to work for your… Read more »

How to Open Up to Your Boss to Discuss Workplace Stress and Challenges…So You Don’t Have to Quit!


Feeling stress in your job is a normal part of your finance career. Regularly feeling overwhelmed and anxious isn’t. If you feel unreasonably stressed at work, you need to talk with someone. Learn how to open up to your boss to discuss workplace stress by following these guidelines. When it comes time to find a new finance job, contact Alliance Resource… Read more »

The Key to Showing Your Manager You’re Ready for More Responsibility When Working on a Contract Assignment


he Key to Showing Your Manager You're Ready for More Responsibility

As a leading finance professional working in contract positions, you know that employees who do more work get ahead. When you accept greater responsibility and get higher profile assignments, you’re the first to be noticed when higher positions or salary increases become available. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to ask for the duties and… Read more »

Struggling to Focus? Take a 20-Minute Walk to Refocus Before Your Afternoon at Work


Taking a Walk During Your Workday

Like most people, you probably experience a mid-afternoon slump during work. Feeling tired can increase frustration, induce stress, and make it hard to focus. To combat these issues, schedule a 20-minute walk during work each afternoon. In addition to improving your health, you will elevate your mood, feel more creative, and be able to focus on your work. When thinking about a… Read more »

Why You Should Always Take an Interview…Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for Work


The best employees always are on the lookout for job opportunities. They like keeping their options open, sharpening their skills, and learning to interact with different personalities. Even if top talent is not looking to change employers, they appreciate seeing what is out there and how their jobs compare. When you are in the market… Read more »