15 Motivational Quotes to Help You Kickstart Your Work Week


Motivational Quotes to Launch the Work Week

Because what you continually focus on becomes drawn to you, you want to think about the things you want so you can work toward them. Reading motivational quotes is one way to focus your thoughts on being successful. Here are 15 quotes to keep you motivated while building your business. For help finding top talent,… Read more »

Why It’s Okay to Take a Risk and Find a New Job in 2019


Take a Risk and Find a New Job in 2019

In many cases, the New Year means finding a new finance job in Orange County. Although the prospect may seem risky, it may be even more detrimental for you to stay where you are. Not sure if a new opportunity is right for you? Consider these four reasons to take the next step in your… Read more »

How to Professionally Approach Your Boss and Tell Them You’re Ready for More Responsibility


Accounting Promotion Support

If you are not feeling challenged at work, you need to make a change. If you have a good relationship with your manager, an excellent reputation at the office, and are a valuable team player, consider talking with your manager about taking on more challenging work. Follow these guidelines to move forward with your idea…. Read more »

A Look Back at Our Top 3 Career Advice Articles from 2018


Career Advice | Alliance Resource Group

At Alliance Resource Group, we enjoy looking back on our articles from the year to see which topics job seekers were most interested in. In 2018, our most popular articles discussed how to avoid appearing overconfident during an accounting job interview, whether your resume undersells your qualities, and why you should consider a new job… Read more »

Looking into 2019 Tech: What Can We Expect and What Should We Prepare Ourselves For?


2019 Tech Trends

Being aware of what technology trends to expect in 2019 helps your company prepare for innovation. Because these trends will change the way you do business, you may be able to enter a new market or increase your revenue by implementing them. Increasing Use of Blockchain The use of blockchain to protect consumers will continue… Read more »

Love Your Job? Consider These Four Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider an Opportunity That Lets You Work with Flex Scheduling


Flex Scheduling Benefits | Alliance Resource Group

Flex scheduling has been shown to increase productivity and job satisfaction while saving time and money. Employees with flex scheduling tend to report greater job satisfaction and remain with their company longer. These are a few reasons why you may want to find a role that offers flex scheduling. More Favorable Commute Flex scheduling offers… Read more »

Four Benefits to Consider (Aside from Salary) When Searching for Your Next Assignment


Accounting Job Search in Orange County | Alliance Resource Group

When finding your next work assignment, there is more to consider than just salary. Along with examining your fit with company culture, you want to ask about your benefits package. Remember to learn more about these four benefits when deciding which assignment to take. Health Insurance Do you qualify for health insurance? Because of the… Read more »

Three Reasons to Consider a New Job That Leads to a Shorter Commute Time


Decreasing Work Commute Time | Alliance Resource Group

Have you ever thought about how your commute time affects your work performance? Although the average worker spends approximately 25 minutes traveling to and from work each day, your commute may be even longer. Beyond the daily frustration and stress caused by commuting, there are even bigger reasons why you may want to consider finding… Read more »

Are Voice Assistants in the Office Productive or a Waste?


Using Alexa in the Workplace | Alliance Resource Group

As a busy professional, you are always looking for ways to improve your productivity. With the rise of voice recognition and virtual assistant tools, if you are not already using them, you should be. Voice assistants and applications can help you get much more done throughout the day while taking care of your business obligations…. Read more »

Why All Individuals Should Be Passively Looking for Their Next Big Career Opportunity


Finding a Job in California

No matter what industry you work in, you want to be passively searching for your next opportunity. Because companies are unpredictable, you may get laid off and need to find a new position. When your next great role comes along, you will be ready to compete for it. Control Your Career Passively looking for your… Read more »