Love Your Job? Consider These Four Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider an Opportunity That Lets You Work with Flex Scheduling


Flex Scheduling Benefits | Alliance Resource Group

Flex scheduling has been shown to increase productivity and job satisfaction while saving time and money. Employees with flex scheduling tend to report greater job satisfaction and remain with their company longer. These are a few reasons why you may want to find a role that offers flex scheduling. More Favorable Commute Flex scheduling offers… Read more »

Four Benefits to Consider (Aside from Salary) When Searching for Your Next Assignment


Accounting Job Search in Orange County | Alliance Resource Group

When finding your next work assignment, there is more to consider than just salary. Along with examining your fit with company culture, you want to ask about your benefits package. Remember to learn more about these four benefits when deciding which assignment to take. Health Insurance Do you qualify for health insurance? Because of the… Read more »

Three Reasons to Consider a New Job That Leads to a Shorter Commute Time


Decreasing Work Commute Time | Alliance Resource Group

Have you ever thought about how your commute time affects your work performance? Although the average worker spends approximately 25 minutes traveling to and from work each day, your commute may be even longer. Beyond the daily frustration and stress caused by commuting, there are even bigger reasons why you may want to consider finding… Read more »

Are Voice Assistants in the Office Productive or a Waste?


Using Alexa in the Workplace | Alliance Resource Group

As a busy professional, you are always looking for ways to improve your productivity. With the rise of voice recognition and virtual assistant tools, if you are not already using them, you should be. Voice assistants and applications can help you get much more done throughout the day while taking care of your business obligations…. Read more »

Why All Individuals Should Be Passively Looking for Their Next Big Career Opportunity


Finding a Job in California

No matter what industry you work in, you want to be passively searching for your next opportunity. Because companies are unpredictable, you may get laid off and need to find a new position. When your next great role comes along, you will be ready to compete for it. Control Your Career Passively looking for your… Read more »

How to Show Up to an Interview Prepared, Collected and Confident


Preparing for Your Next Interview | Alliance Resource Group

When interviewing for a new position, preparation is key. Being ready to answer questions how about your skills and qualifications make you the most suitable candidate for a position shows you are confident about adding value to the organization. Make a strong impression by following these guidelines when getting ready for your next interview. Research… Read more »

As a Recent Graduate, How Can You Stand Out From the Competition When Applying for a Finance Job?


Applying for a Finance Job | Alliance Resource Group

Finance is an extremely competitive field. Having a high GPA and degree from a globally recognized university does not guarantee you will find a job right after graduation. You need to go above and beyond to differentiate yourself from all other candidates vying for the same role. Internships Begin securing internships the summer before your… Read more »

How Will Amazon Alexa and Google Home Continue to Shape the Workplace?


Google Home in the Workplace | Alliance Resource Group

Like most people, you probably order products from Amazon because of the quality and variety of their products and services. You may even use Alexa or Google Home to simplify processes and maximize your time away from work. If so, you also may be taking advantage of Alexa for Business or Google Home at the… Read more »

Evaluate Your Hiring Needs: Insight from Our 2018 Salary Guide


2018 Salary Guide | Alliance Resource Group

Alliance Resource Group’s 2018 Salary Guide is ready! In this guide, you will learn about how we assist with your finance staffing needs to attract and retain top talent. Read on for some highlights before downloading the full guide. Evaluate Hiring Needs Our recruiters get to know top talent throughout Southern California to provide the… Read more »

Is a Flexible Work Schedule Your Answer to Reducing Stress and Getting More Done?


Flexible Work Schedule | Alliance Resource Group

As a finance or accounting professional, you most likely want a flexible work schedule. Being able to set your own hours gives you greater autonomy to get more done while feeling less stressed. Increased Productivity Being trusted to get your work done on time builds autonomy and respect. Because you feel respected by your manager,… Read more »