Eight Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed


Whether you have decades of experience or you’re in the first phase of your career, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help tell your professional story to recruiters and potential employers. It allows you to convey much more than a resume and is often the go-to resource for anyone preparing to interview a candidate…. Read more »

Four Reasons Every Accounting and Finance Professional Should Have a Recruiter as a Career Coach


Working with a career coach in Southern California

A recruiter who acts as a career coach provides significant benefits for your accounting and finance career. They offer you career planning, resume building, interview coaching, assistance with job offer negotiations, and more. Because a recruiter is actively involved in placing candidates with client companies, they remain current with hiring practices and trends. You can… Read more »

Understanding Your Potential: How to Consistently Push Yourself Through Your Perceived Ceiling 


Motivating Yourself | Personal Motivation

The degree of success you experience throughout your accounting and finance career is directly linked to how far you believe you can go. As the saying goes, whether you think you can or cannot, you are right. For this reason, you may need a mentor or colleagues to inspire you to move to the next level. Implement… Read more »

A Candidate’s Guide to Negotiating a Job Offer During COVID-19


Candidate negotiating job offer in finance

2020 has reshaped just about everything when it comes to work. Each of us has been pushed to adapt, pivot and grow. Many jobseekers have wisely leveraged the time to learn new skills that will make them more attractive to potential employers. Regardless, every candidate should expect some new norms when it comes to negotiating… Read more »

No More Excuses for These Zoom Fails


by Jennifer Hannigan, CEO of Alliance Resource Group After more than three months working remotely, I’ve spent more time with Zoom than my own children. And I’ve got a few things to say. I’ve Zoomed with my team. I’ve Zoomed with clients. I’ve interviewed dozens of candidates, hosted a Zoom webinar, talked to my kids’… Read more »

Should You Take an Interview Even If You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job? 


Interview questions

Well, it depends. Whether you’re seeking a new role or not, you should always take a recruiter’s call. Listen to them, keep an open mind and if you’re intrigued set up the interview. Even if you’re perfectly happy with your current job, it pays to be actively managing your career. In today’s turbulent job market, it… Read more »

“Yes, and….” A Lesson in Saying Yes and Managing Expectations from Improv 101 


Deploying "Yes And" Strategies in Business

One pillar of improvisation is the acceptance principle of “yes, and…”. When someone in a scene states something, others accept it as truth and build on the reality. For instance, one person might say, “Thank you for cleaning the kitchen! It looks amazing.” Another person might respond, “Since you had to leave right away to help your… Read more »

Why Every Professional Should Take 1-2 Hours on the Weekend to Improve Their Career Skills 


Working on the Weekends | Improving Your Career

As an accounting and finance professional, career development is one of your top priorities. Staying current in your field by increasing your knowledge, skillset, and qualifications keeps you relevant. Continually providing additional value to your employer ensures longevity. These are reasons why you should be spending a few hours each weekend developing skills to further… Read more »

How to Work with a Recruiter During COVID-19 and Beyond


Recruiters thrive on making optimal matches between job seekers and employers. We’re always looking for the win-win — the candidate gets the best possible job for his or her needs and the company adds prized talent to their team. Working with a recruiter definitely puts you at an advantage. Before COVID-19, we were experiencing a… Read more »

Three Ways to Kickstart Your Morning to Make Sure You Start Your Day on the Right Foot 


Kickstart Your Morning | Morning Habit Improvements

How you start your morning has a significant impact on how things unfold throughout the day. Beginning with the right attitude and expectations affects how well you accomplish what you set out to do. By properly preparing yourself for a hectic workday, you are better equipped to handle anything unexpected that comes your way. Here are three suggestions… Read more »