ARG Quarterly Barometer

May 2023

Welcome to our first ARG Quarterly Barometer.

We created the Barometer in response to the voluminous conversations taking place related to labor and the job market. These have increased steadily over the last three years, through the pandemic, the Great Resignation, the Great Regret to today and a seemingly never-ending hot talent market.

I’ve been in the recruiting industry for almost a quarter century, and even I have never spent more time pondering and pontificating the changes in the industry, employee and employer expectations, and how work gets done. Also, I’ve never seen conversations about productivity, engagement, retention, wages vs. inflation, and other related topics happening among the “civilians” out there. Yes, these were all things we talked about “in the industry” and in the human resource world, but now I’m hearing these discussions taking place away from the workplace among the population-at-large.

I thought it was time to cut through the noise, curate the most important and trusted data, and package it in an easy-to-digest format that we can send to our clients, our candidates and our followers.

So, here it is. I hope you find it informative and valuable as you navigate this complex time for accounting and finance teams throughout Southern California. 

Jennie Hannigan, Founder and CEO, Alliance Resource Group


Click below to view, print or download our Q2 2023 Quarterly Barometer. Use the navigation below the Barometer to view in full-screen mode. Feel free to contact any member of our team if you have any questions or needs.