ARG Quarterly Barometer

April 2024

We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Alliance Resource Group Quarterly Barometer. Each quarter, we curate the most important data points shaping the SoCal and national job markets, provide commentary based on our experiences working directly with a broad cross-section of Finance and Accounting leaders, and share what various experts are predicting for the road ahead.

We’re entering Q2 with a cautious optimism. After spending much of 2023 waiting for a recession to hit, many of the leaders we work with have reported a better-than-expected Q1. Hiring has picked up without a doubt — a strong indicator of economic confidence — and we’re hearing more about expansion and growth opportunities instead of layoffs and closures.

Of course, the optimism comes with a qualifier: caution. Geopolitical uncertainties (more than half the world’s population will be voting in elections this year), persistent inflation, the unknowns around technology (especially AI), and other unpredictable factors all suggest a wise dash of caution as we charge ahead. 

As always, a reminder: We are not economists. Don’t take our observations as science. However, you can count on our team’s relentless pursuit of knowledge. Each of us has a background in Finance or Accounting, and we share a fascination for the various factors that shape the economy and specifically the jobs market. We created this Barometer as a helpful tool for the clients and candidates we serve.

I hope you find it informative, actionable and relevant to the decisions you and your team are making.

Jennifer Hannigan
Founder and CEO, Alliance Resource Group


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