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Are You Micromanaging Your Team Toward Their Breaking Point?

As a manager, you want the best performance from your team. You may spend a substantial amount of time monitoring their work to ensure they create the best possible results. However, rather than being seen as helpful, your team may view your actions as intrusive and counterproductive. Here are five ways to avoid micromanaging your team.

Hire the Right People

Hire candidates who hold themselves and others accountable for their work. Look for candidates who proactively seek information and feedback and work to accomplish team goals.
Incorporate accountability into company culture so everyone keeps an eye on their individual and team members’ productivity. You can manage your team’s progress through periodic check-ins.

Set Expectations

If you fail to communicate your expectations when the project begins, your team may not produce the results you want. To avoid this, set your expectations early in the process. Meet with your team and discuss how you envision the final product. Mention key performance indicators that need to be addressed. Answer questions as they come up. Provide written notes as a reminder of what you discussed. Give enough time for your team to plan their strategy and check in with you during production. Hold your team accountable for their performance while celebrating wins along the way.

Let Your Team Make Decisions

If your team is not allowed to provide input on their work, you will be exerting complete control over the process. A better alternative is to let your team make decisions about how to proceed toward your common goal. Choose a leader to assign tasks, give directions and monitor team progress. Set up regular check-ins with the leader to monitor production. Your team will own their work when they have a voice in shaping the process.

Encourage Collaboration

Empower your team with the knowledge and resources necessary to complete the project as a group. Everyone has skills and experience that make them the best fit for a role and maximize contributions to the final product. Show you value your team, their time and effort by stepping back and letting them work. Clarify misguided expectations, questions or pain points your team encounters and let them autonomously improve their output.

Maintain Open Lines of Communication

Foster feelings of rapport and trust by taking a genuine interest in both their work and personal well-being. Your team needs to know they are valued and are meeting your expectations. Ask about their families, hobbies and interests. Find commonalities to have conversations about. Use internal communication tools such as Slack or Google Chat to casually communicate about progress on the work project. Your team will be more receptive to constructive feedback and enjoy creating quality output.

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