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Is Your Resume Underselling Your True Qualities?

If your resume is not getting you interviews, you may be underselling yourself.
If your resume is not demonstrating your abilities and experience, you will be passed over for other candidates. Therefore, you want your resume to highlight your best qualities so hiring managers see your value and set up a time to meet with you.

List Your Relevant Credentials First

When applying for accounting and finance careers, mention your leadership and managerial experience near the beginning of your resume. List your most relevant qualities and skills so they are more likely to be read. Spread out your information on one or two pages to increase readability.

Focus on Your Selling Points

Illustrate why your hard and soft skills and experience make you the most qualified candidate for a position. Cite examples of work experiences that highlight your skills, leadership and management abilities, results and impact on a company. List the technical and people skills needed to achieve your top accomplishments. Give details about times you led a project, team, meeting or event, the challenges you addressed and the leadership methods you used. Mention management tools and processes you have used, such as quality control, conflict resolution or process reengineering.

Highlight Your Achievements

Discuss the awards and honors you earned. Mention new ideas or innovations you created and major problems you identified and solved. Discuss how you researched benchmark best practices both inside and outside a company. Highlight metrics you used to make informed decisions and improve performance. If you have extensive contacts or were employed with a major company, include that information.

Quantify Your Results

Use a comparison number to show how much you improved a company in an area as compared to a target number, the previous year’s number, a competitor’s number or the best number in your industry. Give a percentage of how much you increased revenue or cut a company’s expenses in a set amount of time.

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