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Four Ways to Showcase Your Expertise During an Interview

During an interview, besides showing you are a great fit with company culture, you want to talk about how your skills and experience make you most qualified for the role. These guidelines will help you show your expertise during an interview and bring you one step closer to being offered a position.

Discuss Your Industry

Share your in-depth knowledge of your field. Before your interview, find out all you can about your industry. Use social media to follow multiple companies in your field. Subscribe to industry newsletters to stay current on new developments, trends and best practices. Connect with leaders who can provide additional insight into your field. Set up Google Alerts for key industry terms, the company you want to work for and its competitors to learn about major developments. Use the information you uncover to show you are a thought leader in your field.

Mention Requirements in the Job Posting

Give examples of how you fulfilled similar job requirements for past employers. Before the interview, research the job posting to determine what skills and experience are necessary for the position. Write down all the ones you possess. Find out all you can about what responsibilities are involved in the role. Write down whether you had similar responsibilities with previous employers. If you need additional information about the role, visit the company’s website or search Google using the same job title to see what other employers are looking for. Ask other professionals in the industry what it takes to excel in a similar position. Write down positive results or recognition you received for fulfilling similar responsibilities. When asked about your skills and qualifications during the interview, mention specific, quantifiable examples that show why you should be offered the role.

Summarize Your Resume

Provide a summary of all the information on your resume. Present an elevator pitch about your strengths, work history and the value you can provide the company. Explain your leadership and communication styles, credentials you earned that relate to the job and how you stand out from the competition. Share stories about setting and achieving business goals, collaborating, measuring performance, finding solutions and other issues that are important to hiring managers.

Show Your Management Skills

Give specific reasons why you excel in a management role. Use quantitative facts to objectively describe your accomplishments. Mention a situation where your expertise and quick thinking were needed to solve a problem. Discuss the action you took to resolve the issue, what your results were, and the impact you had on the company. Show why you are an excellent fit for the organization.

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