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How to Elevate Your LinkedIn Experience to Effectively Use It to Your Advantage

LinkedIn is the top professional networking site used by leaders in any industry. It is the place to go for connecting with other professionals and finding new opportunities. Follow these guidelines to maximize your experience on LinkedIn and use it to your advantage.

Customize Your LinkedIn URL

Change your LinkedIn URL to make it personal. You may use your first and last name, add your middle initial or industry, or create another URL that reflects your professional brand. For example, JanetRogersCPA. Ensure all your platforms and emails are consistent with your brand.

Revise Your Headline

Because your headline is one of the first things people read on your profile, ensure it is current. LinkedIn defaults your headline to your updated title every time you change your position or company. Replace your title with a compelling, unique headline that sets you apart from the competition.

Keep Your Skills and Experience Current

When you start a new job or take on new work tasks, let your network know. Keep your title, location and responsibilities updated. Add multimedia and third-party applications to enrich your profile, share and collaborate with your network, and provide samples of your work. Link your blog posts to your profile to engage readers in the material you write. You don’t know when a hiring manager or recruiter may be looking at your profile and want to reach out to you.

Connect with the Right People

Along with supervisors, colleagues and friends, connect with individuals in your company and industry. Keep up with co-workers, leaders in your field and individuals who inspire you. You will receive relevant advice you can implement into your everyday actions to improve your work performance. You may even be able to use a connection as an employee referral for a position you want.

Request Recommendations

Ask members of your network for a recommendation. Individuals reading your profile will know you stand out enough to have current and former colleagues and supervisors publicly endorse you. When it comes time for interviews, you will know who thinks you are talented, which skills they value most, and whom you should ask to serve as references.

Curate Your Groups

Ensure the LinkedIn Groups you are part of are relevant to your career. Choose two or three Groups, including your university’s alumni network, to actively participate in. Stay informed about changes in your industry. Engage in conversations with other Group members. Form new connections. Show that you are a thought leader in your field. You never know when you might find your next opportunity.

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