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The Secret to Creating a Company Culture That Every Employee Wants to Be a Part Of

As part of your company’s success, you need to create a culture that attracts top professionals. Whether onboarding new talent or helping employees develop their career path, your culture is essential for your organization’s evolution and longevity.
Use the following tips to create a culture employees will want to be a part of.

Make Your Culture Personal  

Include your organization’s values, beliefs, mission and vision in your culture. Determine your overall goals and three to five qualities you would like your employees to develop. Plan ways to demonstrate those qualities. Create programs that reinforce company values. Consistently show how your company strives to create meaning in people’s lives and change the world.

Put People First

Employees need to build their work life around their personal life. They will feel valued, remain engaged in their work and be more productive. Employees also will achieve more desirable outcomes, reach company goals and remain with your organization longer when they feel valued.

Emphasize Transparency

All employees at every level need to demonstrate the culture at all times. To encourage transparency, hold company-wide meetings to discuss what is happening within the organization at every level. Ask employees to share their ideas, successes, responsibilities and strategies. Encourage managers and employees to provide each other feedback on work performance. Hold all employees accountable for exhibiting culture in their interactions with others both inside and outside the company.

Empower Everyone

Have managers set guidelines, but not provide detailed instructions, for completing projects. Let a team member take the lead, guide the process and be responsible for the results. Allow employees to try innovative ideas and learn from their mistakes. Create a sense of trust by letting teammates overcome obstacles, find solutions and move the company forward.

Form a Culture Committee

Employees will understand the culture and act as cultural ambassadors by modeling your organization’s values. Ambassadors will be liaisons between the executive team and employees. They will also ensure culture is moving in the proper direction, measure its effectiveness and revisit your culture when needed.

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