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How to Stop Yourself from Appearing Overconfident When Interviewing for an Accounting Job

Your attitude during a job interview plays a role in whether you are offered a position. You need to show you are a marketable asset while not sounding arrogant about your accomplishments. Because finding a balance can be tricky, here are some guidelines to maintain the proper level of confidence during your next accounting job interview.

Monitor Your Actions

To avoid appearing self-focused, monitor your actions. To avoid being late, arrive 15 minutes early for your interview. Walk with your hands loosely at your sides. When greeting the interviewer, smile, make eye contact and shake hands. Mention how great it is to meet them. When sitting down, fold your hands gently in your lap. Listen carefully to each question. Rather than interrupting, let the interviewer finish speaking before you respond. Pause and think before answering. When asked about the strengths of former employers or competitors, speak positively of them. Maintain eye contact throughout your conversation. When the interview is finished, stand up and shake hands with the interviewer. Thank them for their time. Let them know you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Use Facts to Define Your Accomplishments

Rather than speaking in broad generalizations about how accomplished you are, use facts to define your success. Provide evidence to back up your statements, such as an award you received or measurable results you achieved. Demonstrate how you filled a leadership role, proactively handled a problem or helped implement your idea. Talking about the value you provide makes you sound factual, rather than boastful.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Because you did not achieve all of your success by yourself, give credit where credit is due. Most accomplishments are the result of collaboration. Take the credit you deserve, while acknowledging the roles others played in attaining your achievements.

Ask Questions

Rather than telling the interviewer, you are the perfect candidate for the role, ask questions about the position. For example, “What is the most important thing I can accomplish in the first 60 days?” Or, “Am I going to be a mentor or be mentored?” Questions such as these demonstrate that you have given the role much thought, and can see yourself succeeding in it.

Acknowledge Failures

Because nobody is perfect, be willing to acknowledge your failures. Take responsibility for your actions. Mention how you remedied the situation to achieve the desired results, and what you learned from your mistakes. Show that you possess great self-awareness, and know how to overcome obstacles.

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