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Are You Coaching Your Employees to Develop on a Daily Basis?

As a manager, you need to be coaching your employees on a daily basis. Providing ongoing feedback helps your team understand which actions and contributions you would like reinforced. Keep up with changes in your industry to remain competitive.

Develop Individual Strengths

When you coach your employees, you develop their strengths. Each employee brings unique skills and experiences to your team. Focusing on individual strengths helps you tailor a coaching plan to each employee’s needs. Ask each employee what excites them, what they would like to learn and what their career plans are. Match your coaching plan to what each employee says. Truly understanding and catering to what each employee wants and needs shows you care about them reaching their goals. You will increase efficiency in planning and completing projects, improve employee engagement and raise retention rates.

Empower Employees

Assisting your employees through coaching makes them feel empowered. Clearly describing a performance issue and asking an employee for input shows your confidence in having them overcome a problem. Offering to provide additional time, training or tools or remove other barriers to remedy the situation shows you care about the employee’s success. Writing down an action plan to resolve the performance issue and setting a time for follow-up creates a standard for seeing improvement. When the employee actively joins in modifying their work style and behavior, they feel greater ownership of the issue and want to work at a higher level.

Increase Contributions

Providing coaching for your employees increases their contributions. You show you care about your employees reaching their full potential and becoming even more valuable assets to the organization. High-performing employees continuously improve their skills, experience and production level to align themselves for bonuses, raises and promotions. You increase results for both your department and company, and raise your business goals going forward.

Improve Performance 

Coaching can improve performance issues. Employees need to know which areas they are excelling in and specific ways they can improve in other areas. After an incident occurs, you may privately speak with the employee about what you observed and how the incident may have been handled differently. Coaching assists the employee with correcting the issue before it begins affecting performance in more significant ways. Your goal is to productively make suggestions to improve the work of the employee, team and department. Employees who implement feedback become more valuable contributors and move the company forward.

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