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An Overview of Our 2018 Salary Guide

Alliance Resource Group’s 2018 Salary Guide is available now! The guide provides a basis for what you need to know about the finance and accounting industry for the year. Here are three areas to learn more about when downloading the complete guide.

Finding Top Finance and Accounting Talent

The market for accounting and finance professionals will remain strong in 2018. Because nationwide unemployment is low, and the Southern California employment market is relatively steady, finding top talent will remain challenging. Competition to win top professionals will continue to be tight. The best candidates will have many job offers and stronger negotiating power for compensation, work-life balance and other perks. Therefore, employers need to be creative in approaching candidates for interviews. In addition to brand recognition, employers are offering higher salaries with more benefits and perks to improve candidates’ quality of life. Finance and accounting professionals want to know employers will help them keep their skills current through assigning new projects, implementing role rotations, facilitating mentorships and more to develop employees’ career paths. Flexible schedules and remote work opportunities are also in high demand.

Changing Workforce

Because baby boomers are retiring, the workforce is largely comprised of millennials. Millennials look for a great work environment, work-life balance and flexible schedules to pursue interests outside of work. They want to be offered a job within days of interviewing, be able to telecommute and have casual dress days at the office. Millennials desire meaningful work opportunities that foster connections, want to be impactful in their positions, and work on projects that have meaning to them. They want to have their ideas heard and implemented, remain engaged in their tasks, and have opportunities for career development. Millennials expect a plan to move up within an organization, receive regular feedback on their work performance, and monitor their progress toward reaching company goals. Finance and accounting companies must accommodate these desires to hire and retain top professionals in an increasingly competitive market.

More Efficient Hiring Process

Finance and accounting employers must make their hiring process more efficient to remain competitive. Because top candidates have multiple job offers, hiring managers must keep in mind that candidates are interviewing them, as well. Managers must sell candidates on the qualities of the role, the company and the opportunity itself. They also need to decrease the time it takes to make a hiring decision, so candidates do not accept positions with competing organizations. Plus, managers may have to hire candidates who have the most in-demand skills but need training in other areas, rather than hiring candidates who have everything managers are looking for.

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