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Evaluate Your Hiring Needs: Insight from Our 2018 Salary Guide

Alliance Resource Group’s 2018 Salary Guide is ready! In this guide, you will learn about how we assist with your finance staffing needs to attract and retain top talent. Read on for some highlights before downloading the full guide.

Evaluate Hiring Needs

Our recruiters get to know top talent throughout Southern California to provide the most qualified candidates for our clients’ staffing needs. We build a strong network to provide long-term value to our clients. Our recruiters talk extensively with client companies to cover all of their expectations along with their company culture. We identify key requirements and qualities needed for success. Our recruiters define the scope of our search and collaborate to find the best solutions for our clients’ needs. We regularly communicate with our clients throughout the hiring process to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction in line with reaching expectations.

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Placing the right talent in an often-changing job market is challenging. You need to hire a candidate who can be quickly onboarded and brought up to the required performance level in a short amount of time. We are proud to help with the process. Our recruiters help our client companies prioritize the skills and experience necessary to be successful in the role and describe those needs in a detailed job description. We use that criteria during the interview process to better assess a candidate’s qualifications. Our recruiters pay close attention to our client companies’ culture to ensure that candidates’ personalities will blend with employees’ personalities. If you need a worker immediately, we are able to place qualified temporary staff right away.

Create the Right Compensation Package

We know creating a proper package plays a key role in attracting and retaining top talent. Our recruiters ensure each package fits our clients’ requirements and is attractive to the desired candidates. We help our clients decide what their pay philosophy will be, including the salary range and benefits to be offered, performance bonuses, incentives and perks such as gym memberships or complimentary lunches. Our recruiters research how much employees are earning in similar positions at other companies. We recommend how much our client companies should offer candidates in total compensation and help budget for pay raises for top performers to keep their income in line with inflation.

Download the 2018 Alliance Resource Group Salary Guide

Download the 2018 Alliance Resource Group Salary Guide, then contact our recruiters to find the top finance and accounting candidates you need in Orange County and LA.