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Is a Flexible Work Schedule Your Answer to Reducing Stress and Getting More Done?

As a finance or accounting professional, you most likely want a flexible work schedule. Being able to set your own hours gives you greater autonomy to get more done while feeling less stressed.

Increased Productivity

Being trusted to get your work done on time builds autonomy and respect. Because you feel respected by your manager, you are more focused on completing your work for the day than on what time you are able to leave the office. As a result, you are better able to produce quality work and meet deadlines.

Reduced Stress

Because you control your work hours, you can go to the office after rush hour and avoid the hassle of dealing with masses of people or waiting in traffic. You feel more relaxed and satisfied with both your job and your life and are able to focus more on your work. You experience increased physical and mental health, remain more engaged in your tasks and are more likely to stay with your employer longer.

More Positive Work Environment

When you and your colleagues set your own hours, your positive attitudes and behaviors are more commonly displayed. Co-workers are influenced by those feelings and actions. Because of the positive atmosphere, you feel calmer and more productive. You are more likely to talk with co-workers and build connections, increasing the cohesion and accomplishments of your team, department and company.
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Greater Health

Lowering your stress level while fulfilling your personal and professional responsibilities typically results in healthier lifestyle choices. For example, you are more likely to eat healthy foods, exercise daily, participate in learning activities and get quality nighttime sleep. You increase your energy level and lower your risk of depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. When you are sick, you can stay home and work if desired, or remain in bed until you are healthy again.

Improved Work-Life Balance

You are able to invest more time in personal interests such as family, friends and hobbies while devoting a substantial amount of time to completing work responsibilities. You experience less conflict and stress when maintaining both a personal and professional life. Being able to care for an aging parent, participate in community events and pursue other interests increases your level of happiness and makes you more productive both at work and at home.

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