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Why Employee Recognition Is the Secret to Employee Retention

In the competitive world of business, your company needs to stay on top. Because the most qualified professionals have their choice of employers, you need to do what you can to attract and retain the best of the best. One thing you can do is implement an employee recognition program to find and keep top professionals.

Greater Respect for Managers

Managers who recognize their employees’ hard work receive increased respect. Employees feel their contributions make a difference in their team, department and the organization. Employees feel a stronger connection with their manager and give them higher ratings. Because employees work for people rather than companies, employees who like their managers tend to stay loyal to the organization longer.

Stronger Employee Relationships

When employees recognize their teammates, they feel valued. Teammates are more likely to rate their colleagues with higher scores. High recognition rates and strong feelings of being valued create a positive work environment. Teammates are more likely to stay with your company longer because they feel connected to their colleagues.

Positive Work Environment

Everyone enjoys receiving compliments and praise. Recognizing employees’ success makes them feel good about themselves. As a result, they want to repeat actions that lead to the same feeling. Knowing that employees will be recognized for their contributions encourages them to stay loyal to your company.

More Collaborative Culture

Being with the same co-workers for a long period of time develops camaraderie. Employees work well together and accomplish more as teams. They want to show up for work each day, help each other succeed and deliver desired results for years to come.
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Increased Motivation

In addition to earning income, employees need to hear that they are doing a good job and helping to move the company forward. Being recognized for their hard work encourages employees to be acknowledged in the future for other accomplishments. Employees want to perform at higher levels to gain even more recognition.

Improved Engagement

Because they are committed to attaining company goals and being acknowledged for future accomplishments, employees stay engaged in their tasks to attain greater levels of success. They increase their output and continue advancing within your organization. The ability to be promoted encourages employees to work for you longer.

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