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The Guide to Improving Your Team Chemistry and Getting Everyone on the Same Page

As a manager, you want to increase productivity and collaboration among your employees. A substantial part of getting work done on time is having a cohesive team. Part of creating a strong team is building chemistry among your members. When your teammates have strong connections, they are more likely to stay on the same page when working on projects and complete tasks before the deadline.

Work Toward Common Goals

Ensure each member truly understands your objectives, feels committed to attaining them, and is dedicated to their role in being successful. Make sure that your goals are broken down into actionable steps can be clearly assigned. Provide the tools and guidance necessary to reach your goals. Plan ahead for potential contingencies and alternatives.

Encourage Open Communication

Encourage members to provide their ideas and input on projects. Let them develop innovative solutions to solving problems and overcoming obstacles. Foster creativity in streamlining processes. Ensure your team members remember why they are performing their tasks so they remain engaged in their work. If things turn out differently than planned, talk about why you achieved those results and how you can improve next time. Provide ongoing feedback so your teammates understand which areas they excel in and which need improvement.

Track Progress on Projects

Determine when resources need to be reallocated or when risks may arise. Encourage your team members to find ways to avoid or mitigate those risks. Show how your production is aligned with attaining your goals. Include a visual list of tasks that can be checked off upon completion. Provide progress updates weekly. Your team will remain on the same page, see whether they are headed in the right direction, and keep in mind the big picture.
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Develop Teammates’ Strengths

When delegating work, tell each teammate why they are best suited for a task. Point out how the work is suited to their strengths and will help them develop additional skills and experience. Your team will feel valued, remain engaged in their work, and further develop chemistry with other members.

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