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Creating a Workplace Culture That Supports Employee Growth and Development

How do you effectively create a culture that supports employee growth and development? Given the fact that managers typically do not have time to implement a formal training program, employees are left to learn on their own through informal methods. Since regular participation in employee development results in higher work satisfaction, increased performance and greater retention, you need to promote such a culture to ensure the health and future of your organization.


The most effective learning takes place in short time spans. Most employees have little time available during the week for traditional learning and development. Plus, the majority of employees will not watch a learning video for more than four minutes. As a result, you are better off planning and reviewing learning and development programs during regular performance discussions. Let employees implement what they learn through stretch assignments, collaboration and regular coaching and feedback. Allow employees to access short external digital learning resources when they want to learn new skills and information. Find ways to reward employees for regularly implementing what they are learning and improving the bottom line.

Coaching and Mentoring

Encourage employees to pass on knowledge, skills, and insights through coaching and mentoring. Managers may ask employees what obstacles they are facing and how they can help, what action employees can take to improve performance, and what employees want to learn to help them in their role. Employees have the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments while managers support them in reaching their potential.

Cross-Departmental Training

Since customer satisfaction and product/service development impact each other, have a developer review customer emails or sit in on a call with customer service. Likewise, invite a customer service employee to work with the development team. Employees can see how their roles impact another part of the company.

Personal Development

Besides serving in a professional capacity, employees have physical, intellectual, and emotional needs that require attention. For instance, encourage emotional balance by asking employees how they feel about their work and whether they are facing struggles you can help with. Promote intellectual growth by providing ongoing education on cultivating healthy relationships or developing hobbies. Plus, focus on physical health by offering a gym membership or reimbursement for yoga classes.

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