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As a Recent Graduate, How Can You Stand Out From the Competition When Applying for a Finance Job?

Finance is an extremely competitive field. Having a high GPA and degree from a globally recognized university does not guarantee you will find a job right after graduation. You need to go above and beyond to differentiate yourself from all other candidates vying for the same role.


Begin securing internships the summer before your first year in college. If you work at different companies each summer, you will gain diverse experience in different fields to decide which best suits your interests. Because different branches of finance are typically connected, you can apply what you learned elsewhere and gain a competitive edge. Also, you gain examples of skills you developed and systems and software you were exposed to that you can discuss during interviews. And, completing multiple internships shows your strong work ethic. Plus, most internships are paid, so you will be making money while building career experience. You may even be hired on fulltime after you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Financial News

Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist and/or Barron’s to learn financial terms and expand your knowledge. Read books, tutorials and guides from financial websites. Look up the terms you need additional information about. You will pick up the basics and feel more confident discussing what you learn.

Chartered Financial Analyst Designation

Have you considered earning your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation? Although you need to pass three exams and complete four years of eligible work experience, you can begin by taking the first exam in the final year of your bachelor’s program. Since a minimum of 250 hours of study is suggested for each exam, passing the first exam while finishing your undergraduate program will make you stand out.

Informational Interviews

Network with influential professionals in the industry while learning firsthand whether a role may be right for you. Even if a position is not available at that time, you may receive a recommendation or be able to follow up in the future.

Soft Skills

Employers want to know you’ll blend with company culture and work well both individually and with others. Employers also need to see you demonstrate proper interpersonal and leadership skills to excel in both the position and the firm.

Online Presence

Is your online presence professional? Your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, need to be fully developed so hiring managers can review your background and qualifications. Connect with industry leaders, follow organizations in your field and participate in finance-based forums and discussions. Plus, use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to learn about job openings and firms you want to work for.

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