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Is an Executive Assistant Your Best Option for Getting More Done Throughout the Day?

As a busy executive, you may have trouble fitting in everything you want to accomplish each day. Having someone to share your workload would free up time to focus on more complex tasks. For this reason, you may want to consider hiring an executive assistant.

Assist With Onboarding  

If you are new to the company, a trained executive assistant can help with onboarding. For instance, an assistant can help with reading and understanding company culture, interacting with different personalities, and acting as a sounding board while you acclimate to the organization or role. You will better understand how to behave at your new level and more quickly become an active contributor.

Delegate Work

An assistant can schedule and lead meetings, manage teams, and weigh in on decisions when asked. They also can answer email and phone calls, set travel plans, and file expense reports. Plus, an assistant can listen in on phone calls to organize and follow up on action items, manage information flow, and handle basic financial management. To fulfill their responsibilities an executive assistant typically takes classes in law, marketing, foreign languages, technology, presentations or other fields.

Fulfill Unspoken Needs

An assistant will pay close attention to shifts in your behavior and temperament and know how to time and judge an appropriate response. The assistant will quickly learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, what may trigger anger or stress, and how to best accommodate your style. They also will openly communicate with you and ask questions to set expectations, complete tasks and meet your every need. Additionally, the assistant will work at your pace, take the initiative to get things done before being asked, and regularly follow up on progress with the tasks they were given.
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Looking to Offload Some of Your Daily Tasks?

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