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How Can Interim Solutions Help You Keep Your Project on Pace During Extended Absences?

When your company is facing extended absences from key employees, you need experienced consultants who can fill in as needed and ensure your business continues smoothly operating. Find out how Interim Solutions from Alliance Resource Group can keep your projects on pace.

Fill Needs

Alliance Resource Group can provide consultants to take care of both immediate and long-term needs. Whether your CFO is ill, you need to implement a new accounting software project, want help negotiating bank financing or have another issue to handle, we have the consultant with the skills and experience you need. They can easily assimilate with company culture, learn their job responsibilities and begin producing results in a short amount of time. You avoid having to pay the search fees, sign-on bonuses or exit packages you would for a traditional executive search.

Solve Problems

Whether you lost a key executive and need to keep a division running or need a consultant to overcome an obstacle on a part-time basis, we can help. Our consultants can lay the groundwork for someone else to take over later or provide experience not available within the company, such as with turnarounds, acquisitions or expansion into international markets. Our consultants look at the issue from every angle, collaborate with the appropriate team members, and create and implement plans to keep your company running.
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Provide Leadership and Expertise

Interim Solutions can provide consultants for key leadership roles or to share financial expertise on a project. Because business demands require immediate solutions, we provide top financial consultants at any level who can fill in during leaves or extended absences, assist with implementing systems or provide interim management until a replacement is found. From interim senior accountants to CFOs, our consultants can also provide seasonal or year-end support, assist full-time employees or solve any temporary financial need. Because many of our consultants have worked with us for over a decade, they have a demonstrated record of success and extensive technical expertise. We provide external (SEC) and internal financial reporting, technical accounting guidance, year-end audit preparation and more.

Work With an Accounting and Finance Staffing Expert

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