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How to Show Up to an Interview Prepared, Collected and Confident

When interviewing for a new position, preparation is key. Being ready to answer questions how about your skills and qualifications make you the most suitable candidate for a position shows you are confident about adding value to the organization. Make a strong impression by following these guidelines when getting ready for your next interview.

Research the Company

Study websites such as to learn common interview practices such as questions, format and timing based on other candidates’ experiences. You will know whether to prepare for a panel, group, behavioral, one-on-one or another type of interview and can learn common mistakes to avoid. Study the company’s website. Learn about their mission and vision to determine what they do and why you want to work for them. Review the organization’s latest news and achievements so you can discuss their successes and challenges and how they may affect the role you want. Uncover what makes the business unique in the industry and who its competitors are. Additionally, find out all you can about company culture so you know what types of colleagues you may have and how they engage with others.

Practice for Your Interview

Prepare your introductory statement to provide insight into what you have to offer your next employer. Outline what you want to say, create a concise but detailed response, and practice sharing it with another person. Ask for and implement constructive feedback until you feel confident with your delivery. Create your accomplishment stories. Include specific, measurable examples of how you used your skills to positively impact previous employers. Sharing tangible evidence of your abilities sets you apart from the competition and shows the value you will provide your next employer. Additionally, practice answers to challenging questions such as “What is your biggest weakness?” or “Can you tell me about a time when you failed?” Ensure you sound authentic and self-aware while sharing what steps you took to overcome your weakness or what lessons you learned from failing that helped you succeed down the road.
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Visualize Success

Take deep breaths and repeat a tranquil word such as “calm.” Also, write down the key points you want to make about your greatest accomplishments that relate to the position and what skills you used to achieve them. Additionally, review potential interview questions and your concise, qualitative answers. Think up three questions to ask the interviewer about the company or role to gain additional information. Finally, picture yourself being offered the position in the next few weeks.

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