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Are Voice Assistants in the Office Productive or a Waste?

As a busy professional, you are always looking for ways to improve your productivity. With the rise of voice recognition and virtual assistant tools, if you are not already using them, you should be. Voice assistants and applications can help you get much more done throughout the day while taking care of your business obligations.

Alexa’s Skills

Alexa can play podcasts or audiobooks related to your industry, including starting with a specific chapter, moving forward a set number of pages or stopping after a specific time. Also, Alexa can teach you a new language or enhance your skills with language-learning playlists, including pausing, playing and suspending playlists. Learn French, Spanish, German, Chinese or another language during your commute to better communicate at work. Alexa can look up topics to help you develop an idea or include information in a report. Further, Alexa can catch you up on current events to facilitate office conversation and increase your awareness of potential business opportunities.

Siri’s Abilities

Siri can make dinner reservations while you take care of other important matters. Simply tell her which restaurant, how many people, and the date and time that fit your schedule. Also, Siri can find and read emails. Just give her a keyword or specific contact and ask her to read what she finds. Additionally, Siri can answer quick questions, such as how to convert dollars to euros for your business trip to Italy. Siri can also take personal notes or memos when you think of ideas you want to develop later. Simply ask her to take a note, tell her what to record, and she will sync it to iCloud for later access from any Apple device.

Desktop Artificial Intelligence Tasks

A tool such as Knowmail can prioritize emails by weeding out spam and unnecessary messages. Pair the tool with a voice assistant or text-to-speech tool so your important emails can be read back to you. Also, use an app such as Trove to see emails you decided to respond to later and tasks you have put off. You can, use Google Docs to tell your computer to create a document or text. Simply add a microphone and use the type-with-your-voice feature. Further, use Google Assistant to schedule a meeting or conference call. Simply note the date, time and event name, and ping participating contacts via Gmail.

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