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Should You Pay for Your Contract Employees to Attend a Conference?

When deciding whether to pay for contract employees to attend a conference, think of how their participation will benefit your business. You will gain a more educated workforce by providing training and development opportunities that can increase your return on investment.

Implement as a Recruiting Tool

Conference participation can be used as a recruiting tool. Many contract employees look for preferred company culture and desired perks when deciding where they want to work. Aside from compensation plans, most workers are attracted to opportunities for professional development.


Conferences provide an excellent place for contract employees to network. Interacting with other professionals in person develops connections to others in the industry. Contract workers may be able to find referrals, learn best practices, and develop new business leads. They also may meet new suppliers, see what the competition is doing, and learn about the current business climate. These results keep your company competitive and can increase its return on investment.

Position as Industry Leader

Participation in conferences positions your company as an industry leader. When other professionals continue seeing your business represented, it reinforces the knowledge that it is innovative, current, and composed of experts. Others will want to associate with your company so that they learn and be viewed in the same manner.

Benefit the Company

Attending conferences provides a unique learning opportunity that can benefit your company. Contract employees will receive quality, meaningful, actionable content that they can discuss in break-out sessions and workshops to test their ideas. They can share with colleagues what they learned for discussion and implementation at work. Contract employees will have an extra incentive to remain engaged and attentive during the conference.

Retain Workers

Conference attendance helps you retain employees longer. Because personal and professional goals influence worker performance, the more you offer opportunities to develop those areas, the longer workers want to stay with your company. Even when a contract term ends, the worker may want to continue with your business in another capacity. Because they already demonstrated their skills, abilities, and work ethic, you have a basis on which to decide whether to keep them.

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