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Three Overlooked Ways to Show Your Team You Appreciate Their Hard Work During the Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, you want to recognize your team for all their hard work throughout the year. Because team members tend to be more focused on their holiday plans than on work, you want to find ways to reengage them in their tasks. Recognizing your teammates for their contributions is an excellent way to make them feel valued and recommit to their work.

Use Social Recognition

Implement an employee recognition platform with peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer functionality. For instance, thank your team for meeting deadlines and working hard on projects. Explain why the work is important to you and the company. Also, thank your teammates for going beyond their job description to help others, for recognizing others’ contributions to the company, and for providing feedback and suggestions to improve. Additionally, thank your team members for giving to company causes, making progress in reaching education and training goals, and developing their careers. If possible, offer points that employees can redeem for merchandise of their choosing.

Give Gifts

Provide your team members with personalized gifts. For instance, offer flex days, time off, or days where an employee can work remotely. Or, organize games such as White Elephant, where each employee gives away a silly item they have and do not want, or Secret Santa, where each employee draws another’s name with their likes and interests and spends a set amount of money on a personalized surprise. Perhaps you can organize your team or department to give a gift for one person along with a card filled with personal notes and signatures from each employee. You might create a wall of fame with each teammate’s picture and space to write a personal note saying what others value about each individual.

Provide Relaxation

Give your team opportunities for relaxation. For instance, bring in snacks and offer extra break times. Or, hire a masseuse to give complimentary chair massages in the break room. Perhaps you can give gift cards to nice restaurants or movie theaters to enjoy a night out during the holiday season. You may even provide wrapping paper and related tools and supplies so that team members can wrap their gifts while socializing during breaks. You might offer lunchtime karaoke for everyone to have fun singing.

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