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The Four Conversations You Should Have with Your Team Before 2019 to Get Them Fired Up for the New Year

As 2018 nears an end, it’s time to think about which changes you want to see in 2019. Discussing the changes now means you can begin making a list of what you want to implement and how you will go about it. You will get your team energized for starting the new year right.

Which Team Goals Should We Set?

Ask your team which collaborative goals they want to set. Focus on transparency, open communication, and realistic expectations. Start by discussing what is most important to your team members and you. Decide which five key goals to focus on for the upcoming year. Consider what lessons you learned this year that can be incorporated into next year. Discuss how your strategy tracked in leading or responding to those lessons. Share how your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats evolved in the current year and how they may affect your goals for next year. Determine what success looks like and which metrics you can use to measure it.

How Can We Diversify Professional Development Opportunities?

Determine new methods for offering professional development. For instance, think about ways in which your team is evolving, such as by implementing new technology, and determine how they can learn more about the topic. Your team members may find conferences or trainings to participate in or workshops to host at the office. Also, because everyone learns, processes, and retains information differently, include in-office, interactive opportunities that involve reading, being led by an instructor, and being taught through video. Ensure the trainings are no longer than seven minutes because attention span is limited and other work needs to be done.

Which Team Changes Do You Want to See?

Find out which team changes your members would like to see. Ask for feedback on what did and did not work in the current year. Perhaps an additional role should be added to lessen the workload in a certain area. Maybe certain ways of doing things need to be streamlined. A teammate may have an idea for a new product/service that complements your current offerings. Perhaps certain employees would prefer to be managed differently. Maybe they want to focus on a theme to improve upon, such as customer service.

Which Motivational Systems Should We Implement?

Determine which types of motivational systems your team would like to implement. They will be more inclined to reach company goals with additional incentives. For instance, create a company library and offer a gift card to a local coffee shop every time an employee reads one of the books. Also, provide a reward for participating in an approved educational program to increase job skills and performance. Additionally, decide on rewards such as bonuses, salary increases, vacation time, a flexible schedule, stock options, or health benefits for reaching individual and team objectives or improving profitability, production, customer service, or another designated area.

Reach Your 2019 Recruiting Goals

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