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Looking into 2019 Tech: What Can We Expect and What Should We Prepare Ourselves For?

Being aware of what technology trends to expect in 2019 helps your company prepare for innovation. Because these trends will change the way you do business, you may be able to enter a new market or increase your revenue by implementing them.

Increasing Use of Blockchain

The use of blockchain to protect consumers will continue to increase. The technology provides comprehensive, encrypted, incorruptible recordkeeping that is easily verified. Blockchain controls information, avoids duplication, and allows individuals to control their personal data from anywhere. The odds of finding birthdates, home addresses, social security numbers, bank accounts, health insurance information, and other data that may be found on the dark web and contribute to criminal activity will be lessened. For instance, due to the rising rate of data breaches, blockchain will be more widely used to verify identity and protect privacy. Also, the technology will be used for sharing online purchase information or in-person shopping security by sharing purchase histories only with entities that the consumer says may receive the information.

Dueling Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) will become smarter by dueling with another AI. For instance, one will try to create a realistic image and another will try to determine whether the image is real or artificial. AI also can duel in other domains modeled by computers, such as voices or video. This concept, called generative adversarial networks (GANs), will advance online verification that requires individuals to identify objects in a grainy picture. After enough dueling, AI can quickly break that type of gatekeeper software, increasing opportunities for digital fraud and causing an even greater need for secure online browsing. Dueling AI also can lead to breakthroughs in medicine, technology, transportation, and other significant issues.

More 3D Metal Printing

3D metal printing will become increasingly popular with companies. Computer software visualizes a three-dimensional object in detail and sends the data to a 3D printer to be created. Because current metal fabrication uses a substantial amount of energy and metal, creates a significant amount of waste, and often makes objects much heavier than necessary, 3D printing will improve metal fabrication in those areas. It uses almost exactly the amount of required material and reduces the amount of waste to almost nothing. For instance, the technology will be widely used to make delicate products for toy and jewelry businesses. Also, small and medium-sized companies will no longer require a large factory to create pieces, which will decrease costs and increase competitive edge. Additionally, consumers may be able to print electronic devices at home and save a significant amount of time and money on shipping.

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