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A Look Back at Our Top 3 Career Advice Articles from 2018

At Alliance Resource Group, we enjoy looking back on our articles from the year to see which topics job seekers were most interested in. In 2018, our most popular articles discussed how to avoid appearing overconfident during an accounting job interview, whether your resume undersells your qualities, and why you should consider a new job with a shorter commute time.

How to Stop Yourself from Appearing Overconfident When Interviewing for an Accounting Job

To avoid appearing self-focused, monitor your actions. For instance, when greeting the interviewer, smile, make eye contact and shake hands. Listen carefully to each question and pause before you respond. When the interview is finished, stand up, shake hands with the interviewer, and thank them for their time. Let them know you look forward to hearing from them soon.
Rather than speaking in broad generalizations about how accomplished you are, use facts to define your success. Provide evidence to back up your statements, such as an award you received or measurable results you achieved. Demonstrate how you filled a leadership role, proactively handled a problem or helped implement your idea.

Is Your Resume Underselling Your True Qualities?

When applying for accounting and finance roles, mention your leadership and managerial experience near the beginning of your resume. List your most relevant qualities and skills so they are more likely to be read. Spread out your information on one or two pages to increase readability.
Illustrate why your hard and soft skills and experience make you the most qualified candidate for a position. Cite examples of work experiences that highlight your skills, leadership and management abilities, and results and impact on a company. Give details about times you led a project, team, meeting or event, the challenges you addressed and the leadership methods you used.

Three Reasons to Consider a New Job That Leads to a Shorter Commute Time

You may be tired before work starts. You might have difficulty finding a seat on the bus or get stuck in traffic while thinking about all the things you could be getting done. Rather than emitting positive energy, you begin feeling irritated, frustrated and stressed. As a result, you may end up coming in late and leaving early and/or resenting your work.
Your health may begin suffering. If you drive more than 10 miles each way, you run the risk of increased blood sugar, which can drain your energy, decrease productivity and lead to diabetes. Additionally, you face greater risk for depression, anxiety, social isolation and backaches.
You may feel less life satisfaction. A commute of 30 minutes or longer by bus typically results in the lowest levels of life satisfaction. Also, the longer your commute by bike, the lower your overall life satisfaction levels. When you are unhappy, you are more likely to miss work, resulting in lower productivity.

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